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RV shades vs blinds vs curtains

RV Shades vs Blinds vs Curtains

RV shades, blinds, and curtains are popular window treatment options for your RV (recreational vehicle) or travel trailer.  However, they have different features and benefits. So, a suitable and futuristic choice for your RV’s window covering will depend on several factors, like purpose, material choice, style, durability, mounting option, lift mechanism, measurement, installation, and – …

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What are cellular blinds?

Cellular or honeycomb blinds are a type of RV window covering that consists of a series of connected fabric cells that form a honeycomb-like structure. These shades are designed to provide insulation and energy efficiency, as the cells trap air within them, creating a barrier to keep your RV’s interior warmer in the winter and …

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What are solar shades?

Solar shades are window treatments that are designed to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that enters an RV’s interior. They are typically made from a mesh or screen material that allows some light to pass through, but blocks out ultraviolet (UV) rays and other forms of solar radiation. Solar shades can reduce cooling …

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What are blackout shades?

Blackout shades are window coverings for RVs or travel trailers that are designed to block out light. So, they are typically used for sleeping or watching movies during your recreational journey. Blackout shades are often made of thick, opaque textiles or fabrics and can be operated manually or by a remote control. Some RV blackout …

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