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4 window treatment effects to spice up any room

A particular feature of the cordless blackout cellular shades, in that they do have a thick shape that is missing in the more common of roman type window covering.  This would call for attention to be focused in disguising this shape most of the time.  In the case of the cordless top down bottom up blinds; the need to have as thin as a fabric covering is essential to the better appearance of the whole set of curtains.  There are some common ways that this effect can be brought about and they are discussed in brief below.



  1. Complement the surrounding color scheme

It is never that the window blinds are stand-alone features in a room or area.  They are usually done in combination with other supporting elements like the color of the walls that form either side of the window space.  When using the blackout cellular shades, the thick insulation is further accentuated by the dark tone of the fabric material being used.  Thus it would be pertinent that a color scheme is used for the walls that would at best deflect the attention from the thick nature of the blinds.  From experience, it has been observed that the best combinations of colors are those that tend to help the honeycomb shade blend in than stand out.

  1. Using the bottom panel of the cordless cellular shades to good effect

Since with the cordless mode of construction, the bottom of the discount blinds would lack in a holding loop; it would be a good idea to put this factor to the best use.  This is done by using a strong color scheme that would bring out to all the fact that the discount cellular shades blackout does not have a plastic loop.  This could well be the best approach to take to announce the use of the up-market styled window screens most of the time.

  1. Making use of the full length of the window to right effect

It is common practice to use the French door blackout cellular shade to good effect as it covers the window from top to bottom.  This would be just the right situation to use the top down bottom up type of honeycomb shades cordless window screen construction to good effect.  There is a presentability factor with the French windows that can be used to the most extent in this manner and it can be so telling on the space.

  1. Spicing it up with the variety

Often when something different is first attempted, it would tend to stand out for the very reason that it is a novelty.  With time, this change of approach is bound to be seen as somewhat familiar and the shock factor wears off.  This would hold true for any product and across commodity groups as well.

At Affordable Blinds, every effort is taken to ensure that the customer gets the right fit according to the requirements.  It is possible to have free handling and shipping done for a minimum purchase value and with most cordless blackout cellular shades entirely falling above this cut off value, the customer is always with the advantage.

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