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Are Roman Shades Safe Window Treatments?

Are Roman Shades Safe Window Treatments?

It's a big topic right now. People everywhere agree that there are much better and safer options for window treatments and it's a long time coming. Injuries and deaths due to unsafe cords hanging from blinds are an unnecessary risk, and there are finally much safer options available. One of our main concerns here at AffordableBlinds.com is the safety of your family, friends, and pets. We offer new and updated options for SAFE window coverings in many stylish options, and they come in many colors and styles to fit any design in any room. We strive to deliver great options at industry best prices, and to make your buying experience easy and exceptional. We even carry the safest option to date – custom roman shades and blinds. We have an incredible selection of great options in regards to safety include

and more.

The safety issue comes largely from long cords that can become easily wrapped around or tangled with little hands or paws. Opting for a completely cordless OR contained cord option removes this danger, and makes it so that you can be confident that your window coverings are safe for all of your loved ones. We understand that although safety is the major factor, you want your purchase to look great and complete your design in a way that makes any room feel like home.  That is why we make sure to offer many options in color and texture for many different styles.  This makes it really easy to get the look you're going for in any are of your home.

Let us at AffordableBlinds.com make your design complete and completely safe with any one, or even multiple styles of our cordless shades and blinds. We look forward to providing the best options for your home!

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