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Shades and the Different Levels of Opacity

When buying a set of cellular shades, or any sort of window treatment for that matter, it is important to understand the opacity of the product that you are buying so that you can get the amount of light or privacy that you want in any given room.


The quality of opacity can run from bright and light sheer shades all the way to room-blackening blackout shades. Here is a little rundown of the levels of opacity you should look for when purchasing a set of cellular shades.

Shades and the Different Levels of Opacity Shades and the Different Levels of Opacity




Sheer cellular shades are made to allow most of the light from outside to filter inside, however, they do allow for a slight bit of privacy and help to reduce some sun glare. The cool thing is, if you have a nice view from your window, zebra sheer shades will allow you to see to the outside.


Many people love them because of their soft quality and their graceful appeal. A good set of sheer cellular shades will make just about any room feel much lighter and more open. They are typically very thin and are constructed with a few different light filtering options depending on how much privacy you need.




Semi-sheer shades are just a step above sheer and allow for a little bit of added privacy. If you aren’t totally sure that you want to sacrifice your privacy, yet you also want to maintain the natural light from outside, we highly recommend that you get a pair of semi-sheer shades.




If you know that you want privacy, yet you require that there is a little bit of light that filters from the outside, we highly recommend going for semi-opaque shades. Your view is definitely going to be a bit restricted, though your room won’t be completely blacked out either.


This is where choosing a pair of top down bottom up cellular shades can come in handy. These are some of the most popular types of cellular shades due to the number of light filtering choices.




Blackout shades are best for those who need to completely darken a room. Whether you have a bedroom that you want to sleep better in or you have a home theater that needs a glare-free environment, blackout shades are the best choice. They typically have an additional layer of mylar or acrylic backing that helps to keep things completely dark.


Getting The Right Opacity For Your Cellular Shades


From the sun to the heat to the dark to the light, you need to pick which ones are your friends or enemies when it comes time to buy cellular shades or any kinds of shades for that matter. We hope that our little opacity guide has helped you to narrow down some choices so that you can make the best buying decision for your home.


Make sure to get in contact with our team at Affordable Blinds if you have any further questions about selecting a set of cellular shades for your home!

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