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Why are Cellular Shades Better

Why are Cellular Shades Better

If you’ve been shopping for window treatments, I’m sure you know by now there are many to pick from. One of the newer designs are top down bottom up cellular shades. Looking like little honey combs from the side and sleek perfectly lined shades from the front, maybe you’ve wondered what’s so great about these new curtains that makes them worth the little bit extra you’ll spend. Let’s go over some amazing features to help you understand why they’re definitely worth the investment.

First, they’re incredibly designed for ultimate energy efficiency. The spaces created between each side of the shades by their really cool design act as individual barriers keeping the outside temperatures at bay. It’s like a layer of insulation! They make it easy to add an extra boost to your temperature control in any room they’re installed. Bonus, they look great doing their job! When you follow the easy measuring guidelines here, you’ll have no problem getting your perfect fit.
Second is the versatility. There are so many different types of shades to pick from that any window or even door that you need to cover is no problem. We even have customers switching from verticals to custom cellular shades for their sliding glass doors! You can choose any level of light filtering you need, and can even maximize light control with top down bottom up shades.

You can even block all light with a blackout shade option. Between the many types of cellular shades offered and the many colors and styles offered at AffordableBlinds.com, you can finish up any design project with the perfect window dressings.
Third us value. While you may invest a bit more for cellular shades than the older and more outdated options like mini blinds and verticals, you’ll have a window treatment that is up to date, chic and stylish, and sure to look great for years to come. In addition to looking great they’re made with great quality materials and designed to last. In the even that you have any kind of manufacturing defect, your purchase is covered by replacement if necessary. We also offer a sure fit guarantee to cover any measurement mishaps.

Overall cellular shades are a better option than any other window covers on the current market. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with your purchase. If you’ve got questions or need help ordering feel free to reach out to customer service and we’ll help you get your order sorted and placed so your home can finally feel complete!

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