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  • What To Look For When Considering Cellular Shades  

    Cellular shades are easily one of our most popular types of window treatments here at Affordable Blinds. Not only are they some of the most attractive and energy-efficient shades, but they are also some of the most versatile around.


    Not many people know what to look for when they are getting a set of top down bottom up shades, which is why we’re here to help! Here are some of the top things to consider when looking for cellular shades for your home or office.

    What To Look For When Considering Cellular Shades    What To Look For When Considering Cellular Shades


    Single Vs. Double Cell


    The reason that cellular shades are so energy efficient is that they use air pocket cells called “honeycomb cells”. These little pockets of air help to create a nice barrier between your window and the room, acting as insulation. You have the option to pick from single-cell cellular shades, which have only one pocket, or double-cell cellular shades, which have two pockets.


    Double-cell cellular shades are a bit more expensive, but if you’re serious about insulation in your room, these are the best choice! On the other hand, if insulation is only a plus and not a priority, single-cell cellular shades will do just fine.




    Opacity is the amount of light that goes through a type of material. Window treatments are usually categorized by four different opacity types, including sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque, and opaque blackout cellular shades. The best thing about cellular shades beyond their energy efficiency is that they can be found in a wide variety of opacities.


    If you are someone who wants to let in the most natural light possible, we recommend going with sheer shades. If you want a bit of gentle light filtering, semi-sheer is the way. If you want light darkening, we recommend going with semi-opaque. Of course, if you want a full-on blackout shade, go for fully opaque.


    Opening Options


    There are a few different options when it comes to how you’ll open your cellular shades, including top down bottom up, cordless, and motorized. Top-down bottom-up cellular shades allow you to raise your shades from the bottom, lower it from the top, or both, depending on which type you get.


    Cordless shades are wonderful for those who have kids or pets, as they completely eliminate hanging cords, which can pose as a threat. Lastly, motorized cellular shades add an element of ease, as you can simply raise and lower your shades with a remote.


    Getting the Right Cellular Shades


    We all know how difficult it can be trying to find the right type of window treatments for your home or office. Luckily, cellular shades fit in with just about any decor in just about any environment. If you’re looking to get cellular shades without spending a ton of money, make sure to head on over to our products page here at Affordable Blinds for the best discount blinds to sift through tons of top-notch options.


    If you have any further questions about cellular shades and what they can do for your home, feel free to get in contact with us!



  • The Beauty of Zebra Shades

    Look into the vast, wild kingdom and you will see one of the most unique creatures out there:


    The Zebra.


    The Zebra is easily one of the most distinctive animals known to man, as it’s black and white stripes help it to stand out from the natural colors of the natural environment it lives in.


    The reason that Cordless Zebra Shades get their name is they stand out just like the zebra does! These light-filtering shades do absolute wonders for homes, especially if a homeowner is on the hunt for window treatments that provide an elegant aesthetic or a design statement that is dramatic.

    The Beauty of Cordless Zebra Shades The Beauty of Cordless Zebra Shades


    In hopes that you’ll consider Zebra Shades during your next window treatment purpose, we want to give you the inside scoop on just how wonderful they are.


    Dual-Purpose Design


    The beauty of Zebra Shades is that there is nothing boring about them. They are made to impress, as they are both unique when it comes to their aesthetic and their functionality. Zebra Shades utilize gorgeous, textured fabric that sits in soft, sheer layers, giving these transition-style window treatments bold and crystal-clear lines.


    Just like zebras, all of the stripe patterns on Zebra shades are different from one another. This means that no matter what kind of decor your sport in your home, you will be able to find Zebra Shades that are complementary.


    We highly recommend them for those who have homes with minimalist designs or modern and contemporary interior.


    In a way, Zebra shades are a bit like a hybrid between traditional horizontal blinds and trusty roller shades. Not only can they provide people with the privacy that they desire, but they can also be used to provide people with the light control they are after as well.


    In Design


    The reason that these Zebra Shades are so unique is that they are made from two layers of bands that alternate. These layers include a sheer layer and a semi-opaque layer. This soft fabric is attached to a roller to help them open and close.


    When they are opened, the fabric will rotate the slats or bands so that they sit directly on top of one another. When the layers are sitting next to one another, they give your shades the appearance of zebra stripes due to the light to dark look, hence the name.


    When they are completely opened, light has the ability to shine through the sheer sections so that your home can receive just the right amount of sunlight. When they are completely closed, you can get all of the privacy that you desire while protecting the furniture in your home from the harmfulness of UV rays.


    Getting The Right Set Of Zebra Shades


    Here at Affordable Blinds, we’re huge fans of Zebra Shades. If you’re looking for the right set for your home and you are just not sure what will fit best, make sure to contact us so that we can help point you in the right direction!

  • Cellular Shades and Energy Efficiency

    Today we want to talk a little bit about one of the most popular cheap window treatments in our large lineup.


    Of course, we’re talking about cellular shades, otherwise known as honeycomb shades.


    From regular homeowners to interior designers, our love for cellular shades stretches far and wide, as they have long been one of the most versatile and beautiful types of window treatments on the market.


    Because choosing the right window treatment can be a daunting task, especially with the number of window treatments that are available on the market today, many homeowners become uneasy when trying to make a decision.

    Cellular Shades and Energy Efficiency Cellular Shades and Energy Efficiency

    That is exactly why we wanted to use this article to showcase one of the most spectacular qualities of cellular shades, and that is their energy efficiency.


    Staying Warm With Honeycomb Shades


    Take a look at some studies done by the U.S. Department of Energy and you’ll see that windows, whether in home or commercial buildings, account for anywhere from 25-40% of the annual cooling and heating costs.


    It moves toward the higher end when it comes to older windows, as older windows have a tendency to let in tons of heat during the summer, as well as excessive drafts during the winter.


    Have you noticed your energy bills skyrocketing during particularly hot or cold seasons?


    Your windows and window treatments may have a lot to do with those numbers.


    Now we don’t want to sit here and talk smack about older windows, as even newer windows struggle to retain energy efficiency when the hot or cold seasons roll around. Luckily, there are tools out there to help your windows become better temperature regulators.


    We’re talking about cellular shades.


    Cellular shades (honeycomb shades) have been around for quite some time. They can help to provide a mixture of privacy and energy efficiency also a hybrid of both with the popular top down bottom up option for every home or commercial building.


    This is because cellular shades provide a small layer of insulation to help keep your rooms cool when the hot summer rolls around or warm when the frigid winters come. We can thank the design of shades for this, which makes use of small pockets of air that create temperature barriers between the room and window. These pockets of air help to trap and regulate the flow of air moving in and out of the room.


    Beyond that, there are many different styles to choose from, and the amount of energy efficiency you want can depend on the opacity of the shade you choose.


    A Path To a More Energy Efficient Home


    Stop struggling with looking for window treatments. Here at Affordable Blinds, we have tons of low-cost options for just about any home or commercial space in a wide variety of colors and styles.


    There are many reasons beyond energy-efficient characteristics as to why cellular shades take the cake in the world of window treatments. If you have any questions or want to learn more about what cellular shades can do for your home, make sure to get in contact with us!

  • How Do Cellular Shades Work?

    By definition, shades are a single piece of continuous fabric window treatment that can either be folded or rolled up.


    Cellular shades, sometimes referred to as Honeycomb shades or top-down bottom-up shades, are some of the most popular types of window treatments on the market today for many reasons.


    They provide houses with a great source of insulation, they come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and light-control options, and they are incredibly affordable. No matter what style of home you have, you can find some cellular shades to complement the decor.

    How Do Cellular Shades Work How Do Cellular Shades Work


    The thing is, not many people understand cellular shades, which is exactly why we wanted to dig in a little deeper so you can find out what makes this type of window treatment so unique.


    Cellular Shade Design


    Cellular shades typically come in three different design options:


    • Top-down bottom-up
    • Cordless
    • Motorize


    Top-down bottom-up cellular shades are some of the most versatile around, as we have the ability to either raise them from the bottom or lower them from the top. The best can do both! The beauty of this design is that you can choose how much light you want coming into your home at any given time. This design also allows you to control the amount of privacy in your home.


    Then there are cordless shades. Cordless cellular shades are some of the safest around, beyond having a pleasant aesthetic. This is because cords can be dangerous for those who have young children or pets in the house. They are also very easy to use since you simply raise them using your hands also available as blackout cellular shades as well to help with the light control into your children's room when needed.


    Don’t even want to use your hands to move your shades?


    You might be looking for a motorized cellular shade. These are wonderful, as they can be raised and lowered with the simple press of a button on a remote.


    Keeping It Even Keeled


    One of the best ways cellular shades work is by keeping your home insulated. Cellular shades have small cells in-between them that help to trap air. This trap creates a small barrier that sits between your room and the window. If you want to go even bigger, you can get double honeycomb cellular shades that trap twice the amount of air and providing twice as much insulation.


    Why Buy Cellular Shades?


    Cellular shades are made to be simple yet versatile. Beyond the fact that they provide people with an easy-to-use design and home insulation, they are some of the most customizable shades on the market as well.


    Here at Affordable Blinds, we’re all about making sure that you can find the best window treatments for your home, and when it comes to cellular shades, we have a massive selection at prices you simply can’t get anywhere else.


    Don’t waste your time wandering through bix-box retailers or sifting through huge online home goods stores. Instead, come to the place that knows a thing or two about window treatments so that you can get the best of the best for a solid price!


  • Shades and the Different Levels of Opacity

    When buying a set of cellular shades, or any sort of window treatment for that matter, it is important to understand the opacity of the product that you are buying so that you can get the amount of light or privacy that you want in any given room.


    The quality of opacity can run from bright and light sheer shades all the way to room-blackening blackout shades. Here is a little rundown of the levels of opacity you should look for when purchasing a set of cellular shades.

    Shades and the Different Levels of Opacity Shades and the Different Levels of Opacity




    Sheer cellular shades are made to allow most of the light from outside to filter inside, however, they do allow for a slight bit of privacy and help to reduce some sun glare. The cool thing is, if you have a nice view from your window, zebra sheer shades will allow you to see to the outside.


    Many people love them because of their soft quality and their graceful appeal. A good set of sheer cellular shades will make just about any room feel much lighter and more open. They are typically very thin and are constructed with a few different light filtering options depending on how much privacy you need.




    Semi-sheer shades are just a step above sheer and allow for a little bit of added privacy. If you aren’t totally sure that you want to sacrifice your privacy, yet you also want to maintain the natural light from outside, we highly recommend that you get a pair of semi-sheer shades.




    If you know that you want privacy, yet you require that there is a little bit of light that filters from the outside, we highly recommend going for semi-opaque shades. Your view is definitely going to be a bit restricted, though your room won’t be completely blacked out either.


    This is where choosing a pair of top down bottom up cellular shades can come in handy. These are some of the most popular types of cellular shades due to the number of light filtering choices.




    Blackout shades are best for those who need to completely darken a room. Whether you have a bedroom that you want to sleep better in or you have a home theater that needs a glare-free environment, blackout shades are the best choice. They typically have an additional layer of mylar or acrylic backing that helps to keep things completely dark.


    Getting The Right Opacity For Your Cellular Shades


    From the sun to the heat to the dark to the light, you need to pick which ones are your friends or enemies when it comes time to buy cellular shades or any kinds of shades for that matter. We hope that our little opacity guide has helped you to narrow down some choices so that you can make the best buying decision for your home.


    Make sure to get in contact with our team at Affordable Blinds if you have any further questions about selecting a set of cellular shades for your home!

  • Are Cellular Shades Durable?

    Are Cellular Shades Durable?


    Cellular shades first hit the market back in 1985 and quickly became one of the most popular types of window treatments on the market. This is because up until that point, there had been no other window treatment that was nearly as innovative. Beyond the fact that they look great, they also do wonders at helping to reduce the energy costs of a home due to thermal loss.

    Top Down Bottom Up Shades


    Of course, many people become discouraged when buying top down cellular shades because they aren’t sure if they are durable enough for their home. If you have pets or kids, purchasing and maintaining a set of nice blinds, shades, or curtains might seem like a futile gesture.


    This is the reason that many people opt for heavy-duty blinds such as wooden ones. The thing is, you can put cellular shades up against your standard blinds and you’ll find that they are far more durable most of the time.


    Cellular Shades Vs. Traditional Blinds


    Cellular shades are often much more durable than your traditional vertical or horizontal blinds. Traditional blinds, especially those that are in homes where there are kids and pets, can become unsightly and bent if they are not taken care of.


    Because cellular shades are usually made from a mixture of bonded polyester and spun lace, they are typically much more durable. Plus, they are much easier to clean, which helps to keep them maintained in the long run.


    Going Beyond Durability


    If you have children or pets in the home, cellular shades can do so much more than provide a bit of added durability. We always recommend that people choose safe window coverings if they have pets or children at home. Luckily, cellular shades are some of the safest types of window treatments out there due to the fact that they don’t come with accessible cords that one could get caught up in.


    Most blinds that are out there are simply not safe for small children and pets. However, if you pick out a nice pair of motorized or manual cordless cellular shades, you can help to better protect your little ones.


    Why Should You Go With Cellular Shades


    There are so many reasons to opt for a set of cellular shades over a traditional pair of blinds. For starters, you now know that they aren’t the non-durable types of window treatments that everyone tends to see them as. Second, they offer an easy way to help you cut down on energy costs in the long run. Lastly, they are almost completely customizable, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of different designs and patterns from simple to exciting depending on what you are looking for.


    Of course, buying cellular shades or window treatments of any kind isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Lucky for you, our team at Affordable Blinds is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to window treatments and we are here to help you find the best cellular shades at the perfect price for your home.


  • How To Decorate with Custom Roman Shades

    If ever there were a single striking point with the roman styled window screens, then it has to be the choices and flexibility available to the customer at any time.  So it could well be said that there is no such thing as a correct method of doing a roman blind and it is more to the taste of the customer and the circumstances.  When the decorative custom roman shades are used, the essential factor that needs to be paid heed to is the desire to be colorful.

    There are no limits to the extent that the imagination can be used and it is this fact that must be made good use of in choosing a decorative type of roman screen.

    The color schemes that come with the decorative roman shades

    The rainbow colors were held to be the limits of color choices some decades ago.  But with the introduction of computer-based design, it became possible to churn out color shades that did not restrict itself to the rainbow hues most of the time.  In fact, while getting to work on the custom decorative fabric roman shades the endless possibilities that the blinds provide the customer is evident.  Advanced manufacturing techniques have ensured that what is made out on the drawing board does get converted to actual fabric material at the end of the whole process.

    One of the most demanding of customers for decorative kinds of roman screens come from the hospitality industry.  The fact that the designers have managed to come up with material and accessories that can well withstand the rough and tumble of this field is an accurate measure of the maturity of the window dressing options used in each case.

    The need to pay sufficient heed to the environment

    Most of the advanced markets for window blinds do insist that the process taken to dye and color the fabric cloth for the screens are done in an environmentally friendly manner.  If anything, the standards of the working of the industry have only got harder, and the trend would point to a still further tightening of performance criteria.


    In the long run, this sort of a working situation does not affect the participants in an industry segment.  Most of the manufactures of fabric to suit the window screens, are bound to come up with alternatives that can well conform to the tightest of norms.  All this does come at an affordable cost to the end user every time as well.

    Getting the match right

    When out shopping for decorative styled window blinds and shades the need to find a kind and type of screen that would be a proper match to the room or space is very important.  This is an aspect that most customers pay adequate attention to and some people would spend substantial sums of money to ensure that custom-made fabric is used to find the perfect blend too.

    Trust Affordable Blinds to come up with just the right solution to any need and the most demanding types of the decorative roman shades can be done on a budget and in time too.

  • Factors to consider when shopping for honeycomb shades

    News of events is always a premium product when it so happens that the information can influence the way forward.  This could apply to situations where the data can decide the spending patterns and also the manners in which a sale of the best top down bottom up honeycomb shades product gets to be determined.  There are many factors that gets to act whenever the purchase of the honeycomb cellular shades is to be made.


    The significance of each of these points would depend on the relative importance of the point to the customer, and every effort must be taken to be fully informed before a decision is made.  So in effect, what would be important for one person need not be significant to another.

    The convenience offered by the internet when buying the honeycomb cellular shades

    The advent of the internet did announce to the world the birth of the information age, and in this era, the premium accorded to the news and information cannot be belittled at any point.  It is always the person that has the latest of information and in quick time that gets to be in a position to make the right decision.  This is where the honeycomb cellular shades reviews play their part in forming spending patterns right across the globe.

    With most shopping sites, it is a regular feature to rate the whole shopping experience after every purchase.  There are always two parts to a proper review.  The first is the review accorded to the product and whether the actual ware did meet the expectations of the customer.  With the second part, the customer gets to make out how the whole shopping experience went as far as the e-commerce site is concerned.

    It is a fact that shopping sites do pay heed to the reviews posted on the websites.  Any lacunae are set right and even if a person is totally happy with the overall experience, every effort is made to better the experience still further.  Thus people wanting to purchase the honeycomb window blinds can be guided sufficiently in order to come to the correct decision each time. How premium purchases are affected by the online reviews

    Consider a premium product as the discount blinds that are on offer on most e-commerce sites. It is not every day that a customer considers this premium product and the reviews to the previous purchases of the product would greatly influence the future purchase patterns.  The fact that there are few reference points to be had, whether online or offline, make it so.  So in such situations, the least bit of discontent can prove to be a deal breaker and most shopping sites would be alive to this situation.

    One of the most influential aspects of online shopping is the fact that distances are shrunk for the best parts.  There is no such thing as a location advantage for any product.  This makes sites like Affordable Blinds, the preferred choice when it comes to purchasing the honeycomb cellular shades.

  • Introducing A Rich Look With The Soft Roman Shade

    When it comes to using the roman window screens, there seems to be no shortage of variety and choices that the typical location can hope to have.  The customer, unless quite firm on the kind of application of window dressing, would be at a loss to make up their minds when the choices at hand are put before them.  Often the soft roman shade can be used to add a bit of subtlety to the whole room as it brings in a balance of color and texture that the hard walls of a room do not provide.

    No doubt, the term pleasing to the onlooker can be rather odd as each person is bound to have a different idea as to what is best in a situation and more so when décor and finishing of window spaces are concerned.  But despite the nature of the subject, there is bound to be a general look and feel to a type of window screen and the most acceptable appearance to the majority of folks does indeed decide the norm to be followed in the use of the very kind of the shades.  So each outfitter aims to meet the tastes and preferences of the majority at best.

    The most critical element in the soft roman shade that is the fabric

    It must be conceded that the material of choice to use when covering a window space is what sets apart the covering from the others.  This holds true in the case of the roman styled window blinds that are more of a recent method to dress up windows.  With a large number of variations and combinations that can be done to the plain roman window blind, it comes as no surprise that this is the preferred choice of completing a window space at a lot of the premises as well.

    One of the critical elements of a fabric used in the window blind is the need to match and complement the general feel and look to a room or space.  So the designer does have the choice to introduce a luxurious feel by using the fabrics suitably and in the right color combinations.  If more than anything else, the soft feel and touch of the soft roman shades are bound to create a level of acceptability unlike any other choice of fabric.

    When the fabric is considered, it is possible to use a wide variety of them to do up a window screen.  The roman blinds do use some innovative styling options, and something like a relaxed roman window blind does create the rich and sophisticated feel and look to a place that a harder approach like drapes fails to provide.

    Taking advantage of the variations possible with the roman window shades

    Speaking of the roman window blinds, few choices of doing up a window space provides this much of flexibilities.  Not just the finish alone, there are many ways the blinds can be operated to open and shut; and even with the choice to have a recessed mount of the screens too.

    To the designer, the choices are made use of on each of the occasions to bring out the best of appearances to a room.  It could be this very flexible nature of the roman blinds that has seen its popularity rise and it is as though there is never a time that it is out of vogue.

    When a product is so flexible as to fit into any situation, then it is bound to increase its use and the applications as well.  In fact, the future could see a lot more purposes of the classical roman blinds.  All this is happening to a product that was introduced for the sheer economy that it provided the customer and the early instances of the screens being used were to do up the homes of the working class.

    The modular nature of the roman blinds construction

    Broadly the roman window screen can be split into three, the fabric, the supports and the operating mechanism. Thus it is to be observed that the construction is more or less modular and it is possible to bring on many variations in each aspect of the blinds.


    In effect what this means is that the customer could change the very appearance to a window dressing by altering the different components and each at a single time too.  This introduces a fair choice to the designer and the person using the product.

    Thus in effect, the feel and look of the roman blinds can be altered by choosing the right bit of material to cover the frame of the window.  So if something rich has to be conveyed, then the right choice of fabric can be used each time.  And therein lays the beauty of the roman shades, something that can be utilized to the best possible extent on each occasion.

    The need to be expressive enough with the blinds

    Any element in a décor must be adaptable and flexible enough to meet the needs of the situation as best as could be done.  The soft shade has been able to rise to the occasion no matter the kind of use and application that it would be put.  So much so that when people need to have a rich look and feel they do naturally turn to the soft fabric roman window dressing almost all the time.

    There are occasions when specific messages need to be conveyed to the onlooker or the person in a room.  By using the correct set of window fabric, it is possible to express the right feel and look to a space that the customer would want to be done.

    As far as the stores go that can be used to have the roman window dressing done, window blinds and shades Affordable Blinds would be just the right choice for the range of fabric on offer and for some real customer friendly practices; like having free fabric samples sent over to ensure a perfect look and match each time.  There is a toll-free number that can be used to know more or on any aspect of the soft window shades options.

  • Effective way to reduce the monthly energy bill with Cellular Shades

    What are some benefits of Cellular Shades on heating bill?

    Are you looking for an effective way to reduce the monthly energy bill and spruce up your windows at the same time? Then our cellular shades made with unique interconnected hexagonal cells might be exactly what you are looking for to add pizazz to your home. The unique design traps air inside the shades and creates an extra layer of insulation that helps keep heat inside during those chilly winter nights.

    Buy Cellular Shades Buy Cellular Shades

    Are Cellular Shades More Expensive?

    Yes, it is true that cellular shades are a tad more expensive than other window treatments. However, with a few extra steps you can find ways to save and find the best possible price and cheap honeycomb shades.

    How to Buy Cellular Shades

    Cellular shades are window coverings with a powerful insulation mechanism which can help homes conserve energy. They also have one of the most elegant looking designs that will look great in modern or contemporary homes. If you are considering how to buy these blinds, below is a step by step purchasing guide.

    Firstly, you need to know what the size of the top down shades that you need is. This can be known by using a measuring tape to measure the perimeter of your windows carefully. Do note that you need to add 2 inches to your measurements to make room for the brackets that needs to be mounted.

    Secondly, count the number of windows that need the coverings. It is better to buy them as a set so that their designs are coordinated and will not look out of place.

    Next, decide on the type of fabric that you would like. Our cellular blinds come in two type of fabrics: spun lace and point bond. The former is cheaper but has harder texture and is not as durable as the latter which is more expensive. Depending on your budget, you would need to decide cellular shades cheap which type of fabric is right for your home.

    Cellular shades are a highly functional Cellular shades are a highly functional

    Finally, you have to choose the level of insulation that you need. The model that provides the best insulation is triple cell shades. For homes that experienced seasonal changes, this would be the best choice as it can help to keep the house cool during summer and warm during winter.

    By going through this guide, you will no problem picking the right light blocking blinds for your home.

    Your Perfect Shade Awaits!

    Our discount cellular shade provide the end user with all the capabilities to meet most of the specific requirements regardless of the situation. If light control is of utmost importance, our cellular shades allow you to control light at many different levels. If temperature control is the main reason for considering cellular shades, this situation can also be similarly remedied as well. If the functionality of cellular shades is at the forefront of your decision, you will find that our cellular shades are a highly functional product which will bring years of comfort and aesthetically pleasing moments into your home or office. We have been in the industry for over a decade now, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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