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Roman Shades

  • Choosing the Right Style and Color For Your Roman Shades

    Roman shades are one of the most versatile types of window treatments around, both in terms of design and functionality. No matter what style you are looking for to fit in your home, we guarantee that there is a set of Roman shades to fit.


    Of course, not all of us are interior designers at heart, and finding the right set of shades isn’t as easy as you might think. Luckily, we’re here to help push you in the right direction so that you can find the right set of shades for your home!

    Choosing the right roman shades Choosing the right roman shades


    Choosing the Right Style


    There are a wide variety of styles when it comes to custom roman shades, giving you the ability to find a style that looks fresh and unique. When we say style, we’re talking about the types of folds that you see on the shades, as well as the draping patterns. There are a few different styles of Roman shades to look out for, including:


    • Flat
    • Classic
    • Relaxed
    • Hobbled


    Choosing one style over the next can truly alter a living environment.


    Flat Roman shades, for example, use a single piece of fabric that is continuous. They also do not use any dowels. Classic and hobbled Roman shades, on the other hand, use dowels to provide you with a pleated look that is neatly folded. For those looking for a more professional finish, we highly recommend classic or hobbled Roman shades.


    For those who want a more natural feel, we recommend going with relaxed Roman shades, otherwise known as European Roman shades. These have more of a natural flow and softness to them, perfect for homie environments.


    Choosing the Color


    One of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to interior design is picking color tones that contrast with your decor. Rather than using a single color or fabric, you can use a medley of color and fabric to fit your room. We recommend choosing lighter or medium-weight fabrics for the dominant shade color. You can then outline that shade with ribbons that are darker and contrasting.


    For example, most bathrooms have a single color throughout. Most of them are monotone, which isn’t the most inviting style. Having a splash of color through your shades can help to give you and your guests’ eyes a rest from that boring monotone feel.


    Getting Roman Shades For Your Home


    There are a hundred different ways that you can use custom Roman shades to light up and enhance your home. With serious versatility wrapped up them, they can be used in almost any room in the house. Of course, it is important that you figure out the best style to make sure that you don’t hurt your decor more than help it.


    If you have any questions about choosing high quality at prices that would be considered cheap roman shades for your home, make sure to contact us here at Affordable Blinds so that we can help you to find the best shades for your beautiful home!

  • Using Roman Shades In Your Home


    When it comes to design and functionality, it is safe to say that windows are just about the most important part of any room. Windows not only provide natural light, but also ventilation to keep rooms feeling fresh. Having a great window treatment allows you to adjust the amount of air and light that is coming into the room at any given time. Nice shades will also frame your window well to help it fit better with the decor of the room.


    Roman blinds or Roman shades are one of the best types of window treatments around and they have been used for many centuries. Thanks to the wide variety of fabrics, materials, and patterns available, Roman shades can be used in almost any situation. They are perfect for those homes with rustic decor, though they can just as easily fit into a home with a modern touch.

    Using roman shades in your home Using roman shades in your home


    Of course, many people ask us where is the best place in their house to use Roman shades, so we figured we’d give it to your straight.


    Best Rooms To Use Roman Shades


    Thanks to the fact that custom roman shades are very versatile, it isn’t uncommon to see them used throughout different types of room in the house. We always recommend using different fabrics in different rooms, as it will allow for a bit of diversity as you move throughout your home. The fabric that you choose will depend on the decor of the room, as well as the amount of sunlight that you want to come through the windows.


    The beauty of Roman shades is that they can frame a window far better than most window treatments out there, including those such as vertical blinds or Venetian curtains.


    They can provide just the right amount of insulation and privacy when they are used in more residential rooms, including bedrooms, living rooms, dens, etc. For those who have a home office, they can provide a sleeker, more professional decor. Even with the fact that they’ve been around for centuries does not deter them from feeling timeless in just about any room.


    Can I Use Roman Shades In My Kitchen Or Bathroom?


    We don’t recommend using Roman shades in the kitchen or bathroom if they use traditional fabrics. This is because these areas are typically damp, meaning your shades will eventually accumulate mold and grime. You may have noticed that old kitchen blinds are big magnets for grease and other oils. They eventually become caked in residue, which makes them incredibly hard to clean.


    If you are going to use Roman Shades in these rooms, we highly recommend using cotton blends or polyester to make sure they are a bit more durable.

    Getting the Perfect Set Of Roman Shades


    Ready to step up your window treatment game?


    If you’re set on getting Roman shades for your home, make sure to head on over to our Roman Shades page at Affordable Blinds to find the best selection of Roman shades at the lowest prices imaginable.

  • Roman Shades Window Treatments That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

    Roman Shades Window Treatments That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

    It is human nature to seek out facilities that are bound to bring about increased comforts and conveniences to daily routines.  This effect can be seen in the way that cheap roman shades window treatments have been adapted over time.  More often than not, it is more of a reflection of the prevailing trends to undertake the changes to remain contemporary whereas in the other instances it is more a reflection of the current styling norms. But the need for change is seen throughout the periods that the roman blinds have been put to use to dress window spaces.

    The convenience part of the roman shades window treatments

    It is an accepted idea that the thickness of the fabric used in the window treatments roman shade does tend to vary.  There are some specialized applications like the insulated types of window blinds that mainly use thick fabric and even extra padding to add to the thermal insulation.  Thus the typical window screen of this nature would be not bulky but rather heavy too.

    Here the ease of operation of the window screen can be achieved by incorporating a motorized mechanism to lower and raise the blinds.  In spaces where the insulated type of window blinds needs to be operated quite often, the use of a motorized device is not just plain convenient but often a necessity.

    Another instance where the convenience can play a substantial part in deciding the type of top down bottom up roman shades window treatment to use is when the window spaces do get buffeted by gusts of strong wind.  It is customary in such instances to use a recessed style of window mounting that would provide the much-needed support at the sides of the installation to stand up to the forces exerted by the winds.

    So, it must be said that there is no secret formula as such to decide on what suits the situation best and most cases can be determined upon by the simple application of the mind.

    The need to look as contemporary as possible

    A feature with the décor options and the choices that is available to the design team, when a premise has to be done, is the need to look up to date.  With the window dressing and any other feature of the room, even the paint schemes to be followed, there are trends to be developed and practiced.  Most practices keep changing with the times and more so with the change in the types of materials that are offered for use too.

    The roman window treatments are to be noted for the ability to change and vary the appearance by modifying a number of attributes of the shades.  It is possible to customize the blinds by altering the fabric used, the type of mounts used, the style of pleats employed and so on.  Thus the roman styled window dressing cannot take a particular form most of the time, and this could well be the strong point to this mode of presenting window spaces.

    With the different combinations possible, the roman type window screens can be varied to suit the need and taste of the customer.  This in effect could be the most influential selling point of this style of dressing of window spaces more than anything else.

    How to keep the cost in check when attempting a roman shade window treatment

    No doubt, cost of implementing an idea is of paramount importance to the customer, and the in-demand designers would seek to keep the cost factor in check even when the wildest types of window dressing are being attempted.  The best of designers would aim to provide a cost-effective solution that is also presentable for the purpose.

    If indeed there is a strong attraction to using the roman type of window dressing, then it could well be the options that are on hand to execute the blinds as well as the range in costs that the designer gets to work with.  Even the most up-market window treatment does offer a wide range of budgets and choice of material to be used.  In effect, this flexibility provided by the roman window screens could well be the most potent selling point of this mode of covering window spaces.


    The variations possible with the simple roman window blinds

    There could be few other options for getting a window space done that offers the range of possibilities as the roman style of window blinds. Even the balloon window treatments can vary in the use of fabric as well as the type of folds to be done.  This presents the customer a wide range of the customization and the right match to the situation.

    Considering the kind of variations possible and the range of budgets that can be offered to the customer, there would be few products in the window dressing space that is this versatile in use.  In fact, the vast popularity and following of the roman style blinds are a testimony to the skill of use and application of this so simple yet sophisticated form of window dressing.

    Most customers that do use the blinds for windows would never complain that there is not enough choice and variations to the product.  Most of the instances do provide the right kind of opportunity and options to use, and there have been some very notable applications of the product.

    Choosing the right supplier for the blinds

    A factor with the roman shades window treatments is the fact that there are a number of stores that can meet the most demanding of fitments.  At Affordable Blinds, every effort is taken to stock up on the latest material in use as well as the cords and rails that go to make the most contemporary works.  There is a toll-free number provided to have access to any help that is needed to make the right choice and decision.  Most of the customers would speak highly of the range of material as well as the overall quality of offerings to be had at the outlet.


  • Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades

    Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades - Huge Sale Shop Now

    An essential element to products that are in use for some time is that there get to be specific innovations that turn out to be useful; but more than that, the changes incorporated would create a utility factor that is often out of the ordinary.  This is how the introduction of the top down bottom up roman shades needs to be considered.  It must be noted that the screens are done in this manner is not just increased utility but in some uses does provide better value to the customer.

    When it comes to the roman window screens, there is a need to look different, and this has been done by the introduction of the set of window blinds that could be opened up from the bottom up as any conventional blinds and additionally top to bottom.  In a way, this sort of a variation does bring in a novelty factor that is best felt when used in a premise or space.

    Best Buys on top down bottom up roman shades

    It could well be that the first models of the roman shades that open from top and bottom could well have been a home effort by a hobbyist.  The very nature of the construction would make it something of an unusual attempt to be taken by the more professional of outfitters.  This should be a welcome incident as it demonstrates that the roman window dressing is no longer considered as exclusive or elitist.

    AffordableTop Down Bottom Up Roman Shades AffordableTop Down Bottom Up Roman Shades

    People that are interested in knowing how to make a top down bottom up window shade can be guided by the numerous sites that cater to the hobbyists in general, or there are more specialized sites that deal with window dressing and home décor.  It is possible to have guidance on the options as well as the color schemes and the likes to use at these sites.  Thus it never is as though the hobbyists or interest groups are entirely alone in proceeding with such a work as the window dressing.

    The influences that fabric material has on the construction of the window blinds

    It would be noticed that the fabric material of a cheap roman shades is the single most part of the blinds.  So as a consequence, it is possible to bring on a change in appearance and even in the very function of a window blind by focusing on changing the fabric part to the best part.  The approach of the top down roman shade must be seen in this light, and it must be said the most lasting effect has been achieved by using this sort of an approach too.

    Considering that the roman type of window dressing does introduce a fair bit of customization, it is possible to combine the top opening function with a blackout quality so that the window blinds can be suited to the requirement of the location being considered.

    The privacy issues and its practical applications at premises

    More than just a closing and opening option, the top part of the window screen presented as in the free top of the window screen are more of an effective way of introducing certain flexibility to the working of the roman window blinds.  There are places and occasions when it might not be convenient to open out the bottom part of the screens and by retaining the top down bottom up shades, the customer does get to enjoy absolute privacy as well.

    What this sort of a convenience offers the customer is that it is possible to have a lot more uses to the roman styled window screens than previously considered.  This development does go well with the changes occurring in the ways the walls of buildings have been evolving and changing, as also the choice of furnishing and décor too.

    The need to check overdoing the window dressing


    There are occasions when people tend to exaggerate the window blinds, and this is because of the range of options that are available for use.  So when the roman shades that open from top and bottom are being implemented, care must be taken to keep out the complications.  In case more than a single style has to be combined, then it must be done in such a manner that there would not be a clash of forms.  It might be surprising to note that it does not take much to overdo a window space and this is a tendency that is best kept in check.

    Above all, it is essential to keep the practical aspects of the window dressing in mind all the time.  Even while the professional designers are being used to do up space, it would be advisable to keep out an eye for the pompous use of fabric and design forms that would need a fair bit of maintenance and upkeep.  The simple pole top roman shade can be one of the most straightforward and elegant pieces of work when done with the right approach.  It can be a mess if things are attempted to look complicated.

    Finding the right supply point

    It would be a blessing if a good supplier could be located for the window dressing fabric and accompanying accessories most of the time.  At Affordable Blinds, every conceivable option that comes to dressing the window spaces can be had at an affordable cost too. The customer might be surprised to note the variations in the best online blinds - top down bottom up roman shades that can be done and made to measure at the store.

  • Simple Aspects That Determines How To Measure For A Roman Shade

    Simple Aspects That Determines How To Measure For A Roman Shade

    To most people and be these men as well as the women; when asked to measure out any object to be fitted out, it would be evident that there are some accepted methods and ways to go about taking the measurements.  There is, therefore, a preferred method on how to measure for top down bottom up roman shades for the window.  But it is possible to come to certain generalizations and these points would help almost everyone keen on taking the measurements in some way or the other.

    How to Measure For A Custom Roman Shade How to Measure For A Custom Roman Shade

    How to measure for a roman shade depending on the style being used

    One of the most promising aspects of the roman type window dressing has been its ability to adapt in form and shape to suit the situation.  So it would be so that each dominant style would be measured out according to a pattern and if this sort of a system is followed, for the most part, by the outfitters, as well as the seamstresses; they would find the toughest of construction rather an easy thing to accomplish.

    The key is to maintain the ratios, and this more or less answers the significant question as to how to measure for roman shades.  With the different types of window screens, the ratios do not change although the measurements do.  In effect, this causes a result that is in tune with the general sense of expectation that occurs among the customers and the public in general.

    How does the fabric type affect the taking of the measurements?

    For all practical purposes, there is the little effect that the fabric has on the roman window measurements.  But it is a fact that some fabric types are used predominantly with some styles of the roman window screens than the others.  So it is so that when the measures when taken, it should be workable for the kind of fabric being planned for use.

    Where the fabric type does affect the measurements is when vast window spaces are to be measured out.  The need to find proper support when the blinds are strung up is what causes this sort of an approach most of the time.  But there are some convenient methods to help out here too.  Using deep creases and folds are the typical solution to having the much-needed support element.

    The manner the mount types influence the measurements of a typical roman window blinds

    There is a big difference in how to measure for outside mount shades as compared to an inside mount.  Most DIY websites and even the sites for the well-known online outfitters do provide sufficient guidelines as to how to measure out a window space.  The experienced hobbyists would have over time come to specific shortcut procedures which are best to be seen as individual freedom than a documented method as such.


    At Affordable Blinds, every effort is made to lay out a guiding procedure for the most common types of window light blocking blinds so that people wanting to know how to measure for a roman shade could do so at the leisure and convenience.

  • How To Decorate with Custom Roman Shades

    If ever there were a single striking point with the roman styled window screens, then it has to be the choices and flexibility available to the customer at any time.  So it could well be said that there is no such thing as a correct method of doing a roman blind and it is more to the taste of the customer and the circumstances.  When the decorative custom roman shades are used, the essential factor that needs to be paid heed to is the desire to be colorful.

    There are no limits to the extent that the imagination can be used and it is this fact that must be made good use of in choosing a decorative type of roman screen.

    The color schemes that come with the decorative roman shades

    The rainbow colors were held to be the limits of color choices some decades ago.  But with the introduction of computer-based design, it became possible to churn out color shades that did not restrict itself to the rainbow hues most of the time.  In fact, while getting to work on the custom decorative fabric roman shades the endless possibilities that the blinds provide the customer is evident.  Advanced manufacturing techniques have ensured that what is made out on the drawing board does get converted to actual fabric material at the end of the whole process.

    One of the most demanding of customers for decorative kinds of roman screens come from the hospitality industry.  The fact that the designers have managed to come up with material and accessories that can well withstand the rough and tumble of this field is an accurate measure of the maturity of the window dressing options used in each case.

    The need to pay sufficient heed to the environment

    Most of the advanced markets for window blinds do insist that the process taken to dye and color the fabric cloth for the screens are done in an environmentally friendly manner.  If anything, the standards of the working of the industry have only got harder, and the trend would point to a still further tightening of performance criteria.


    In the long run, this sort of a working situation does not affect the participants in an industry segment.  Most of the manufactures of fabric to suit the window screens, are bound to come up with alternatives that can well conform to the tightest of norms.  All this does come at an affordable cost to the end user every time as well.

    Getting the match right

    When out shopping for decorative styled window blinds and shades the need to find a kind and type of screen that would be a proper match to the room or space is very important.  This is an aspect that most customers pay adequate attention to and some people would spend substantial sums of money to ensure that custom-made fabric is used to find the perfect blend too.

    Trust Affordable Blinds to come up with just the right solution to any need and the most demanding types of the decorative roman shades can be done on a budget and in time too.

  • Introducing A Rich Look With The Soft Roman Shade

    When it comes to using the roman window screens, there seems to be no shortage of variety and choices that the typical location can hope to have.  The customer, unless quite firm on the kind of application of window dressing, would be at a loss to make up their minds when the choices at hand are put before them.  Often the soft roman shade can be used to add a bit of subtlety to the whole room as it brings in a balance of color and texture that the hard walls of a room do not provide.

    No doubt, the term pleasing to the onlooker can be rather odd as each person is bound to have a different idea as to what is best in a situation and more so when décor and finishing of window spaces are concerned.  But despite the nature of the subject, there is bound to be a general look and feel to a type of window screen and the most acceptable appearance to the majority of folks does indeed decide the norm to be followed in the use of the very kind of the shades.  So each outfitter aims to meet the tastes and preferences of the majority at best.

    The most critical element in the soft roman shade that is the fabric

    It must be conceded that the material of choice to use when covering a window space is what sets apart the covering from the others.  This holds true in the case of the roman styled window blinds that are more of a recent method to dress up windows.  With a large number of variations and combinations that can be done to the plain roman window blind, it comes as no surprise that this is the preferred choice of completing a window space at a lot of the premises as well.

    One of the critical elements of a fabric used in the window blind is the need to match and complement the general feel and look to a room or space.  So the designer does have the choice to introduce a luxurious feel by using the fabrics suitably and in the right color combinations.  If more than anything else, the soft feel and touch of the soft roman shades are bound to create a level of acceptability unlike any other choice of fabric.

    When the fabric is considered, it is possible to use a wide variety of them to do up a window screen.  The roman blinds do use some innovative styling options, and something like a relaxed roman window blind does create the rich and sophisticated feel and look to a place that a harder approach like drapes fails to provide.

    Taking advantage of the variations possible with the roman window shades

    Speaking of the roman window blinds, few choices of doing up a window space provides this much of flexibilities.  Not just the finish alone, there are many ways the blinds can be operated to open and shut; and even with the choice to have a recessed mount of the screens too.

    To the designer, the choices are made use of on each of the occasions to bring out the best of appearances to a room.  It could be this very flexible nature of the roman blinds that has seen its popularity rise and it is as though there is never a time that it is out of vogue.

    When a product is so flexible as to fit into any situation, then it is bound to increase its use and the applications as well.  In fact, the future could see a lot more purposes of the classical roman blinds.  All this is happening to a product that was introduced for the sheer economy that it provided the customer and the early instances of the screens being used were to do up the homes of the working class.

    The modular nature of the roman blinds construction

    Broadly the roman window screen can be split into three, the fabric, the supports and the operating mechanism. Thus it is to be observed that the construction is more or less modular and it is possible to bring on many variations in each aspect of the blinds.


    In effect what this means is that the customer could change the very appearance to a window dressing by altering the different components and each at a single time too.  This introduces a fair choice to the designer and the person using the product.

    Thus in effect, the feel and look of the roman blinds can be altered by choosing the right bit of material to cover the frame of the window.  So if something rich has to be conveyed, then the right choice of fabric can be used each time.  And therein lays the beauty of the roman shades, something that can be utilized to the best possible extent on each occasion.

    The need to be expressive enough with the blinds

    Any element in a décor must be adaptable and flexible enough to meet the needs of the situation as best as could be done.  The soft shade has been able to rise to the occasion no matter the kind of use and application that it would be put.  So much so that when people need to have a rich look and feel they do naturally turn to the soft fabric roman window dressing almost all the time.

    There are occasions when specific messages need to be conveyed to the onlooker or the person in a room.  By using the correct set of window fabric, it is possible to express the right feel and look to a space that the customer would want to be done.

    As far as the stores go that can be used to have the roman window dressing done, window blinds and shades Affordable Blinds would be just the right choice for the range of fabric on offer and for some real customer friendly practices; like having free fabric samples sent over to ensure a perfect look and match each time.  There is a toll-free number that can be used to know more or on any aspect of the soft window shades options.

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