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Why Should You Choose Cellular Shades Over Other Window Treatments?

Why Should You Choose Cellular Shades Over Other Window Treatments?

When it comes to obtaining window treatments for a home, everyone has their own preferences. While every type of window treatment has advantages and disadvantages, one thing we definitely believe to be true is that cordless top down bottom up cellular shades are some of the most attractive window treatments on the market today. With crisp pleats and sleek, minimal styles, these classy-looking shades are perfect for fitting any kind of window.


Cellular Shade Insulation


Beyond looking pretty, cellular shades have some of the best insulation properties in the window treatment market. They utilize what we call honeycomb-shaped air cells, which act as an effective insulation barrier by trapping a layer of air within them. This helps to keep your home warm during the winter months and cool during the summer months.


Cellular shades can be purchased in both single and double cell varieties. We recommend going with double cell cellular shades if you live in an environment that is constantly hot. You’ll notice your heating and cooling costs dropping away thanks to your investment.

Why Should You Choose Cellular Shades Over Other Window Treatments? Why Should You Choose Cellular Shades Over Other Window Treatments?

Cellular Shade Opacity


Cellular shades come in a wide range of opacities. We also have cheap roman shades if you are looking for that. The opacity of a shade is how much light can be transmitted through it. Light opacity can range from opaque to semi-opaque to sheer. If you aren’t very concerned with your privacy, we highly recommend going with sheer shades. These shades will allow natural light to come through, giving your home a warm glow.


On the other hand, if you are looking for more light control and greater privacy overall, we recommend going with semi-opaque cellular shades. Opaque are perfect for those who are in the market for a “blackout” shade, as they provide the most privacy and room darkening qualities. We recommend them most for places like bedrooms or home studios.


Other Cellular Shade Features


Beyond all of that, you can also upgrade your cellular shades with an array of other features, including cordless lift, continuous cord loop, top down bottom up, or motorized lifts. The continuous cord loop option uses a cord loop that sits at the same height no matter if the shade is up or down. Because it makes use of a clutch assembly, it is very easy to raise and lower.


Cordless shades don’t have cords at all. They instead use the bottom rail to be raised or lowered. These have a much cleaner look and are safer for homes with young children or pets. Top down bottom up shades can be raised from the top or bottom, perfect for adding an extra element of privacy. Lastly, motorized cellular shades allow you to raise or lower your shades with the simple touch of a button. This option is perfect for windows that are harder to reach.


Should You Get Cellular Shades?


Cellular shades are perfect for just about any kind of home. Here at Affordable Blinds, there are all kinds of cellular shades to choose from at prices that won’t break the bank! We look forward to helping make your dream window treatment a reality!



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