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  • Sheer Shades Privacy Benefits

    Zebra Shades and Sheer Privacy


    Ahh the Zebra Shade… one of the most unique creatures in the entire window treatment jungle.


    We’re big fans of Zebra Shades here at Affordable Blinds, though, for the most part, not a lot of people know about them. This is likely because when you think of window treatments, you likely think of the more talked about window treatments, such as Roman Shades or curtains.

    Sheer Shades Privacy Benefits


    That is exactly why we wanted to open you up to a new type of window treatment that is super versatile and is perfect for the modern or contemporary household.


    Put on your safari hat and let’s venture out into the wild to learn about the unique and awe-inspiring Zebra Shades!


    Why Are Zebra Shades So Cool?


    The beauty of Zebra Shades is that they give owners complete control over the amount of light that is in their home. Zebra Shades, which can also be referred to as dual, double, or flat roller shades, help to provide people with different amounts of light in their homes thanks to the fact that they can be adjusted in a way where they can let through all of the sunlight or none at all.


    If you’re looking for a clear view of the outside, simply raise them all the way up!


    Now, as you begin to lower your zebra shades, you’ll see that the darker, opaque portion of the shades will start covering up the sheer portions. Essentially, the darker bands of the fabric will cover up the lighter bands as much as you allow them to, giving you the ability to let in as little or as much light as you desire.


    The beauty of Cordless Zebra Shades is that when they are all the way lowered, they will form your traditional, solid shades. This can help to add total privacy to any room while also blocking out any outside light.


    This is why we always recommend Zebra Shades to those who need window treatments for their bedrooms, living rooms, home theaters, etc.


    Types of Zebra Shades


    Zebra Shades either come with a continuous cord loop or an optional cordless option. These Zebra Shades not only look absolutely fantastic, but they also perform just as well. You can even go as far as upgrading to a motorized remote control so that you can adjust the amount of light in your room with the simple click of a button.


    Getting The Best Zebra Shades For Your Needs


    Zebra Shades are some of the most unique and versatile window treatments that are on the market today. If we were to have to recommend them to someone specific, though, we would definitely recommend them to someone who has modern decor, as their sleek modern look fits with the contemporary aesthetic.


    We hope that we’ve inspired you to look into Zebra Shades during your next window treatment purchase. If you have any further questions, make sure to contact us here at Affordable Blinds so that we can help!


  • On the hunt for the right shades - here are some tips

    So you’re renovating you’re home, yes?


    Maybe you’ve been on the hunt for the right window treatments, but the jargon and terms are becoming a bit confusing.


    Luckily, here at Affordable Blinds, we know a thing or two about window treatments. That is exactly why we wanted to write a little article about one of the most popular products in our lineup:


    What Are Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades?

    On the hunt for the right shades On the hunt for the right shades


    Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades are pretty much exactly what the name suggests. These shades can either be opened and closed from the top (either near the top of the window frame or the valance) or can be open and closed from the bottom (near the window sill).


    There are different types of top down bottom up shades, so these ones, in particular, are cellular. This means that not only do they work in a top down bottom up motion, but they also work with all of the benefits of cellular shades, including a modern look and insulation properties.


    How Do These Things Work?


    Top Down Bottom up shades work very similarly to other window treatments that have cords. The main difference is that different cords care attached to the two different rails. We refer to one rail as the “mounting rail”, which can be found on any other window treatment.


    When this cord is pulled, it raises the shade from the bottom. You could say that this is the “bottom up” section of the shade.


    We refer to the other one as the “floating rail”. This rail has a different cord that controls it. The floating rail detaches from the mounting rail so that you can lower the shade from the top. You could say that this is the “top down” section of the shade.


    Do These Come In Cordless Varieties?


    Absolutely! The cordless versions are very popular for families with pets or young children, as they are much safer than those with cords.


    They are also very popular for people that have modern decors, as they help to create a far more uniform look with dangling cords.


    Getting Yourself a Set Of Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades


    Here at Affordable Blinds, we like to pride ourselves on providing our customers with some of the highest-quality products on the market for the best prices many would say where you can find the cheapest blinds anywhere at the best quality. We’ve been working for years to provide regular people with top-notch window treatments to help create beautiful home or office environments.


    Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades are not only some of the most popular window treatments available today along with the popular cordless zebra shades, but they also happen to be some of the most versatile all-around. They can be used on just about any window and for any kind of decor out there.


    We hope that we’ve inspired you to check out top down bottom up cellular shades for your next window treatment renovation and make sure to get in contact with us if you have any further questions!

  • What To Look For When Considering Cellular Shades  

    Cellular shades are easily one of our most popular types of window treatments here at Affordable Blinds. Not only are they some of the most attractive and energy-efficient shades, but they are also some of the most versatile around.


    Not many people know what to look for when they are getting a set of top down bottom up shades, which is why we’re here to help! Here are some of the top things to consider when looking for cellular shades for your home or office.

    What To Look For When Considering Cellular Shades    What To Look For When Considering Cellular Shades


    Single Vs. Double Cell


    The reason that cellular shades are so energy efficient is that they use air pocket cells called “honeycomb cells”. These little pockets of air help to create a nice barrier between your window and the room, acting as insulation. You have the option to pick from single-cell cellular shades, which have only one pocket, or double-cell cellular shades, which have two pockets.


    Double-cell cellular shades are a bit more expensive, but if you’re serious about insulation in your room, these are the best choice! On the other hand, if insulation is only a plus and not a priority, single-cell cellular shades will do just fine.




    Opacity is the amount of light that goes through a type of material. Window treatments are usually categorized by four different opacity types, including sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque, and opaque blackout cellular shades. The best thing about cellular shades beyond their energy efficiency is that they can be found in a wide variety of opacities.


    If you are someone who wants to let in the most natural light possible, we recommend going with sheer shades. If you want a bit of gentle light filtering, semi-sheer is the way. If you want light darkening, we recommend going with semi-opaque. Of course, if you want a full-on blackout shade, go for fully opaque.


    Opening Options


    There are a few different options when it comes to how you’ll open your cellular shades, including top down bottom up, cordless, and motorized. Top-down bottom-up cellular shades allow you to raise your shades from the bottom, lower it from the top, or both, depending on which type you get.


    Cordless shades are wonderful for those who have kids or pets, as they completely eliminate hanging cords, which can pose as a threat. Lastly, motorized cellular shades add an element of ease, as you can simply raise and lower your shades with a remote.


    Getting the Right Cellular Shades


    We all know how difficult it can be trying to find the right type of window treatments for your home or office. Luckily, cellular shades fit in with just about any decor in just about any environment. If you’re looking to get cellular shades without spending a ton of money, make sure to head on over to our products page here at Affordable Blinds for the best discount blinds to sift through tons of top-notch options.


    If you have any further questions about cellular shades and what they can do for your home, feel free to get in contact with us!



  • The Beauty of Zebra Shades

    Look into the vast, wild kingdom and you will see one of the most unique creatures out there:


    The Zebra.


    The Zebra is easily one of the most distinctive animals known to man, as it’s black and white stripes help it to stand out from the natural colors of the natural environment it lives in.


    The reason that Cordless Zebra Shades get their name is they stand out just like the zebra does! These light-filtering shades do absolute wonders for homes, especially if a homeowner is on the hunt for window treatments that provide an elegant aesthetic or a design statement that is dramatic.

    The Beauty of Cordless Zebra Shades The Beauty of Cordless Zebra Shades


    In hopes that you’ll consider Zebra Shades during your next window treatment purpose, we want to give you the inside scoop on just how wonderful they are.


    Dual-Purpose Design


    The beauty of Zebra Shades is that there is nothing boring about them. They are made to impress, as they are both unique when it comes to their aesthetic and their functionality. Zebra Shades utilize gorgeous, textured fabric that sits in soft, sheer layers, giving these transition-style window treatments bold and crystal-clear lines.


    Just like zebras, all of the stripe patterns on Zebra shades are different from one another. This means that no matter what kind of decor your sport in your home, you will be able to find Zebra Shades that are complementary.


    We highly recommend them for those who have homes with minimalist designs or modern and contemporary interior.


    In a way, Zebra shades are a bit like a hybrid between traditional horizontal blinds and trusty roller shades. Not only can they provide people with the privacy that they desire, but they can also be used to provide people with the light control they are after as well.


    In Design


    The reason that these Zebra Shades are so unique is that they are made from two layers of bands that alternate. These layers include a sheer layer and a semi-opaque layer. This soft fabric is attached to a roller to help them open and close.


    When they are opened, the fabric will rotate the slats or bands so that they sit directly on top of one another. When the layers are sitting next to one another, they give your shades the appearance of zebra stripes due to the light to dark look, hence the name.


    When they are completely opened, light has the ability to shine through the sheer sections so that your home can receive just the right amount of sunlight. When they are completely closed, you can get all of the privacy that you desire while protecting the furniture in your home from the harmfulness of UV rays.


    Getting The Right Set Of Zebra Shades


    Here at Affordable Blinds, we’re huge fans of Zebra Shades. If you’re looking for the right set for your home and you are just not sure what will fit best, make sure to contact us so that we can help point you in the right direction!

  • Cellular Shades and Energy Efficiency

    Today we want to talk a little bit about one of the most popular cheap window treatments in our large lineup.


    Of course, we’re talking about cellular shades, otherwise known as honeycomb shades.


    From regular homeowners to interior designers, our love for cellular shades stretches far and wide, as they have long been one of the most versatile and beautiful types of window treatments on the market.


    Because choosing the right window treatment can be a daunting task, especially with the number of window treatments that are available on the market today, many homeowners become uneasy when trying to make a decision.

    Cellular Shades and Energy Efficiency Cellular Shades and Energy Efficiency

    That is exactly why we wanted to use this article to showcase one of the most spectacular qualities of cellular shades, and that is their energy efficiency.


    Staying Warm With Honeycomb Shades


    Take a look at some studies done by the U.S. Department of Energy and you’ll see that windows, whether in home or commercial buildings, account for anywhere from 25-40% of the annual cooling and heating costs.


    It moves toward the higher end when it comes to older windows, as older windows have a tendency to let in tons of heat during the summer, as well as excessive drafts during the winter.


    Have you noticed your energy bills skyrocketing during particularly hot or cold seasons?


    Your windows and window treatments may have a lot to do with those numbers.


    Now we don’t want to sit here and talk smack about older windows, as even newer windows struggle to retain energy efficiency when the hot or cold seasons roll around. Luckily, there are tools out there to help your windows become better temperature regulators.


    We’re talking about cellular shades.


    Cellular shades (honeycomb shades) have been around for quite some time. They can help to provide a mixture of privacy and energy efficiency also a hybrid of both with the popular top down bottom up option for every home or commercial building.


    This is because cellular shades provide a small layer of insulation to help keep your rooms cool when the hot summer rolls around or warm when the frigid winters come. We can thank the design of shades for this, which makes use of small pockets of air that create temperature barriers between the room and window. These pockets of air help to trap and regulate the flow of air moving in and out of the room.


    Beyond that, there are many different styles to choose from, and the amount of energy efficiency you want can depend on the opacity of the shade you choose.


    A Path To a More Energy Efficient Home


    Stop struggling with looking for window treatments. Here at Affordable Blinds, we have tons of low-cost options for just about any home or commercial space in a wide variety of colors and styles.


    There are many reasons beyond energy-efficient characteristics as to why cellular shades take the cake in the world of window treatments. If you have any questions or want to learn more about what cellular shades can do for your home, make sure to get in contact with us!

  • Choosing the Right Style and Color For Your Roman Shades

    Roman shades are one of the most versatile types of window treatments around, both in terms of design and functionality. No matter what style you are looking for to fit in your home, we guarantee that there is a set of Roman shades to fit.


    Of course, not all of us are interior designers at heart, and finding the right set of shades isn’t as easy as you might think. Luckily, we’re here to help push you in the right direction so that you can find the right set of shades for your home!

    Choosing the right roman shades Choosing the right roman shades


    Choosing the Right Style


    There are a wide variety of styles when it comes to custom roman shades, giving you the ability to find a style that looks fresh and unique. When we say style, we’re talking about the types of folds that you see on the shades, as well as the draping patterns. There are a few different styles of Roman shades to look out for, including:


    • Flat
    • Classic
    • Relaxed
    • Hobbled


    Choosing one style over the next can truly alter a living environment.


    Flat Roman shades, for example, use a single piece of fabric that is continuous. They also do not use any dowels. Classic and hobbled Roman shades, on the other hand, use dowels to provide you with a pleated look that is neatly folded. For those looking for a more professional finish, we highly recommend classic or hobbled Roman shades.


    For those who want a more natural feel, we recommend going with relaxed Roman shades, otherwise known as European Roman shades. These have more of a natural flow and softness to them, perfect for homie environments.


    Choosing the Color


    One of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to interior design is picking color tones that contrast with your decor. Rather than using a single color or fabric, you can use a medley of color and fabric to fit your room. We recommend choosing lighter or medium-weight fabrics for the dominant shade color. You can then outline that shade with ribbons that are darker and contrasting.


    For example, most bathrooms have a single color throughout. Most of them are monotone, which isn’t the most inviting style. Having a splash of color through your shades can help to give you and your guests’ eyes a rest from that boring monotone feel.


    Getting Roman Shades For Your Home


    There are a hundred different ways that you can use custom Roman shades to light up and enhance your home. With serious versatility wrapped up them, they can be used in almost any room in the house. Of course, it is important that you figure out the best style to make sure that you don’t hurt your decor more than help it.


    If you have any questions about choosing high quality at prices that would be considered cheap roman shades for your home, make sure to contact us here at Affordable Blinds so that we can help you to find the best shades for your beautiful home!

  • How Do Cellular Shades Work?

    By definition, shades are a single piece of continuous fabric window treatment that can either be folded or rolled up.


    Cellular shades, sometimes referred to as Honeycomb shades or top-down bottom-up shades, are some of the most popular types of window treatments on the market today for many reasons.


    They provide houses with a great source of insulation, they come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and light-control options, and they are incredibly affordable. No matter what style of home you have, you can find some cellular shades to complement the decor.

    How Do Cellular Shades Work How Do Cellular Shades Work


    The thing is, not many people understand cellular shades, which is exactly why we wanted to dig in a little deeper so you can find out what makes this type of window treatment so unique.


    Cellular Shade Design


    Cellular shades typically come in three different design options:


    • Top-down bottom-up
    • Cordless
    • Motorize


    Top-down bottom-up cellular shades are some of the most versatile around, as we have the ability to either raise them from the bottom or lower them from the top. The best can do both! The beauty of this design is that you can choose how much light you want coming into your home at any given time. This design also allows you to control the amount of privacy in your home.


    Then there are cordless shades. Cordless cellular shades are some of the safest around, beyond having a pleasant aesthetic. This is because cords can be dangerous for those who have young children or pets in the house. They are also very easy to use since you simply raise them using your hands also available as blackout cellular shades as well to help with the light control into your children's room when needed.


    Don’t even want to use your hands to move your shades?


    You might be looking for a motorized cellular shade. These are wonderful, as they can be raised and lowered with the simple press of a button on a remote.


    Keeping It Even Keeled


    One of the best ways cellular shades work is by keeping your home insulated. Cellular shades have small cells in-between them that help to trap air. This trap creates a small barrier that sits between your room and the window. If you want to go even bigger, you can get double honeycomb cellular shades that trap twice the amount of air and providing twice as much insulation.


    Why Buy Cellular Shades?


    Cellular shades are made to be simple yet versatile. Beyond the fact that they provide people with an easy-to-use design and home insulation, they are some of the most customizable shades on the market as well.


    Here at Affordable Blinds, we’re all about making sure that you can find the best window treatments for your home, and when it comes to cellular shades, we have a massive selection at prices you simply can’t get anywhere else.


    Don’t waste your time wandering through bix-box retailers or sifting through huge online home goods stores. Instead, come to the place that knows a thing or two about window treatments so that you can get the best of the best for a solid price!


  • Shades and the Different Levels of Opacity

    When buying a set of cellular shades, or any sort of window treatment for that matter, it is important to understand the opacity of the product that you are buying so that you can get the amount of light or privacy that you want in any given room.


    The quality of opacity can run from bright and light sheer shades all the way to room-blackening blackout shades. Here is a little rundown of the levels of opacity you should look for when purchasing a set of cellular shades.

    Shades and the Different Levels of Opacity Shades and the Different Levels of Opacity




    Sheer cellular shades are made to allow most of the light from outside to filter inside, however, they do allow for a slight bit of privacy and help to reduce some sun glare. The cool thing is, if you have a nice view from your window, zebra sheer shades will allow you to see to the outside.


    Many people love them because of their soft quality and their graceful appeal. A good set of sheer cellular shades will make just about any room feel much lighter and more open. They are typically very thin and are constructed with a few different light filtering options depending on how much privacy you need.




    Semi-sheer shades are just a step above sheer and allow for a little bit of added privacy. If you aren’t totally sure that you want to sacrifice your privacy, yet you also want to maintain the natural light from outside, we highly recommend that you get a pair of semi-sheer shades.




    If you know that you want privacy, yet you require that there is a little bit of light that filters from the outside, we highly recommend going for semi-opaque shades. Your view is definitely going to be a bit restricted, though your room won’t be completely blacked out either.


    This is where choosing a pair of top down bottom up cellular shades can come in handy. These are some of the most popular types of cellular shades due to the number of light filtering choices.




    Blackout shades are best for those who need to completely darken a room. Whether you have a bedroom that you want to sleep better in or you have a home theater that needs a glare-free environment, blackout shades are the best choice. They typically have an additional layer of mylar or acrylic backing that helps to keep things completely dark.


    Getting The Right Opacity For Your Cellular Shades


    From the sun to the heat to the dark to the light, you need to pick which ones are your friends or enemies when it comes time to buy cellular shades or any kinds of shades for that matter. We hope that our little opacity guide has helped you to narrow down some choices so that you can make the best buying decision for your home.


    Make sure to get in contact with our team at Affordable Blinds if you have any further questions about selecting a set of cellular shades for your home!

  • Using Roman Shades In Your Home


    When it comes to design and functionality, it is safe to say that windows are just about the most important part of any room. Windows not only provide natural light, but also ventilation to keep rooms feeling fresh. Having a great window treatment allows you to adjust the amount of air and light that is coming into the room at any given time. Nice shades will also frame your window well to help it fit better with the decor of the room.


    Roman blinds or Roman shades are one of the best types of window treatments around and they have been used for many centuries. Thanks to the wide variety of fabrics, materials, and patterns available, Roman shades can be used in almost any situation. They are perfect for those homes with rustic decor, though they can just as easily fit into a home with a modern touch.

    Using roman shades in your home Using roman shades in your home


    Of course, many people ask us where is the best place in their house to use Roman shades, so we figured we’d give it to your straight.


    Best Rooms To Use Roman Shades


    Thanks to the fact that custom roman shades are very versatile, it isn’t uncommon to see them used throughout different types of room in the house. We always recommend using different fabrics in different rooms, as it will allow for a bit of diversity as you move throughout your home. The fabric that you choose will depend on the decor of the room, as well as the amount of sunlight that you want to come through the windows.


    The beauty of Roman shades is that they can frame a window far better than most window treatments out there, including those such as vertical blinds or Venetian curtains.


    They can provide just the right amount of insulation and privacy when they are used in more residential rooms, including bedrooms, living rooms, dens, etc. For those who have a home office, they can provide a sleeker, more professional decor. Even with the fact that they’ve been around for centuries does not deter them from feeling timeless in just about any room.


    Can I Use Roman Shades In My Kitchen Or Bathroom?


    We don’t recommend using Roman shades in the kitchen or bathroom if they use traditional fabrics. This is because these areas are typically damp, meaning your shades will eventually accumulate mold and grime. You may have noticed that old kitchen blinds are big magnets for grease and other oils. They eventually become caked in residue, which makes them incredibly hard to clean.


    If you are going to use Roman Shades in these rooms, we highly recommend using cotton blends or polyester to make sure they are a bit more durable.

    Getting the Perfect Set Of Roman Shades


    Ready to step up your window treatment game?


    If you’re set on getting Roman shades for your home, make sure to head on over to our Roman Shades page at Affordable Blinds to find the best selection of Roman shades at the lowest prices imaginable.

  • Why Choose Cellular Shades



    Everyone has their own preference when it comes to choosing their home decor, though when it comes to attractive window treatments, many people can agree that cellular shades are some of the best window treatments around. With nice, crisp pleats and precise fits that are perfect for almost any window, it seems like there are a world of reasons to go with them.


    Of course, cellular shades go far beyond looking good in the home. In fact, they are some of the most well-insulated window treatments that are out there right now, perfect for those looking to cut back on energy bills and keep their homes warm or cool.

    Why Choose Cellular Shades Why Choose Cellular Shades


    What Are Cellular Shades?


    Cellular shades are sometimes referred to as “honeycomb shades”, as they are shaped like honeycombs. They work by trapping a small layer of air between them, helping to make the insulation barrier much more effective than your standard shade or window treatment.


    Cellular shades can be found in either single or double cell. The difference is that the double cell has two air pockets. We highly recommend going with double cell cellular shades if you live in more extreme environments, whether hot or cold. Double cell cellular shades help to cut back on energy costs, making them worth the investment in the long term.




    Cellular shades differ in opacity. For those who don’t know, opacity is how much light is transmitted through the fabric that is used. There are three different types of opacities when it comes to cellular shades, including sheer, semi-sheer, and opaque. For those who aren’t totally concerned with privacy, though you want a bit of natural light in their home, sheer is the best choice.


    You won’t be able to get double cell cellular shades that are sheer, so don’t expect them to be as energy-efficient. If you are looking for a bit more privacy with medium-light control, semi-opaque shades should do you well. For those who want the most privacy possible, going with opaque cellular shades, otherwise known as blackout shades, is the best choice. These types of cellular shades are great for those who have dark rooms, such as bedrooms or home theaters.


    Going Cordless


    If you want to take your shades a step further, you can optionally upgrade them to cordless or cordless top down bottom up feature. When going cordless, you can either pick to go with a continuous cord loop, cordless lift shade, motorized lift, or top-down bottom-up.


    Getting Cellular Shades


    From energy-efficiency to gorgeous designs to design variety to different fabrics, there are just about a hundred reasons that you might choose cellular shades over other types of shades. Simply put, they are some of the best window treatments around.


    If you have any questions about buying cellular shades or you want to look a bit deeper into your cellular shades options, make sure to head over to our main page at Affordable Blinds. There is a reason that so many people refer to us as the number one in the window treatment industry.

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