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RV shades can add to the level of comfort and luxury in your recreational vehicle. Besides providing you with privacy and light control, RV window treatments are good at providing insulation, blackout, ventilation, light filtration, and curb appeal.

Also, RV shades are fully customizable for your personal taste and needs of your recreational vehicle. You can easily choose a suitable size, color, style, design, material, lift option, and affordability range for your motorhome window treatments.

Here are some of the key RV shades features.


Blackout RV shades can completely block out light and create a night-like environment in your vehicle during the day. It is an attractive option for day sleepers. Also, with blackout RV shades, you can create a comfortable place for your babies to sleep during the day.


With cellular or honeycomb RV shades, you can get excellent insulation against the transfer of cold and heat from outside. In this way, you can control the temperature of your recreational truck’s interior and save a significant amount on energy bills.

Light Filtering

Light filtering RV shades reduce your dependence on artificial light. So, they are a good choice to improve the energy efficiency of your room and save you some money on energy costs.


With motorized feature, RV shades can be operated (raised, lowered, ro adjusted) with the push of a button, a remote control, or a tap on the screen of your smartphone.


Outdoor RV shades have many times improved efficiency for blocking out light. Also, they give you more control on light and privacy. Curb appeal is another advantage of outdoor RV shades available at Rvblind.com online shop.

Top Down Bottom Up

Top down bottom up RV shades are not only easy to operate, they also provide your RV with excellent two-way ventilation. You can close these shades from both top and bottom. When opened from both top and bottom, they will allow hot air to leave the recreational trailer from the top and cool air to enter your cabin from the bottom.

Day and Night

Day and night RV shades can provide you with day and night like environment on demand during the day. They are combination window treatments consisting of alternating panels of blackout and sheer fabrics.

At Rvblinds.com, high-quality RV shades with desired features are available at extremely affordable prices. Also, there are huge discounts of up to 70% and lots of free offers, like free shipping. At the same time, they are easy to measure for and install on the RV window frame.

UV Protection

RV shades with UV protection are indispensable for rooms or other spaces that are exposed to an excessive amount of harsh sun rays. With a UV protection feature, your travel trailer window treatments block out the Sun’s ultraviolet rays and prevent your furnishings and colors from fading.

Also, these RV window treatments can extend the life of your furniture items, artwork, photographs, carpeting, and wood floors.

There are two types of window treatments that you can choose for UV protection, i.e., light filtering RV shades and solar RV shades. Solar RV shades come with different openness levels, such as 1%, 5%, 10%, 14%, etc. A solar shade with 5% openness level will block out 95% of UV rays while allowing only 5% of them to sail into your room.