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Why Choose Aluminum for Your RV Blinds

Choice of a suitable material for RV blinds varies from person to person and situation to situation. You should choose aluminum for your RV blinds if you want durability, decency, style, customization, easy operation, and quick cleaning. Light weight is another advantage of choosing aluminum for your RV window treatments.

Blinds made from aluminum are also called metal blinds and they usually come in small 1-inch slats, i.e., mini blinds. However, 2-inch slats are also available.

Top Reasons to Choose Aluminum for RV Window Treatments

Here are the top reasons why choose aluminum for your RV blinds.


RV blinds made from aluminum are preferred for their low weight compared with other materials, like wood and iron.

Easy to Move or Handle

As aluminum is lightweight, RV blinds made from this material are usually easy to move or work with. 


RV window treatments made from aluminum offer a high degree of durability to the motorhome or travel trailer owners. They are a long term and futuristic investment for your RV window treatments.

Style and Decency

Your motorhome window treatments made from aluminum can add style and decency to the interior décor of your recreational vehicle or travel trailer.

Horizontal or Vertical Slats

Aluminum slats are available with both horizontal and vertical orientation. Both types of aluminum slat for your RV blind exude sleekness and a luxurious look.

A Touch of Modernity

RV blinds made from aluminum can add a touch of modernity to your RV or travel trailer.

A Variety of Sizes

While mini blinds made from aluminum are more common, your RV window treatments come in different slat sizes. Also, aluminum window treatments are fully customizable for the size of your RV window frame.

Lots of Color Options

There are lots of color options for aluminum material for your RV blinds. So, you can choose a suitable appearance to match the interior décor of your recreational vehicle (RV) or camper truck.

Maximum Light and Privacy

RV blinds made from aluminum are good at providing maximum light and privacy control to the people living in an RV.

Easy Operation

You can easily lower, raise, or adjust the slats of RV blinds made from aluminum. Light weight of aluminum makes a significant contribution to the convenient operation of these window treatments.

Quick, DIY Measurement

Measurement of your RV’s window frames for aluminum blinds can be done with the help of a quick, DIY process. However, you need to take measurements at three different places for each width and length. And follow the width x height (w x h) format to avoid mixing up or confusing values.

Installing Aluminum Blinds on RV Window Frame

Installing aluminum blinds on RV window frames requires a few tools, such as a drill and a screwdriver. And you only need to fix mounting brackets with the help of screws. Meanwhile, with our DIV installation process, you can give a professional look to the installation of aluminum blinds.

Cleaning and Maintenance

There are several easy and quick means to clean and maintain your aluminum RV blinds. Here are some of the methods to clean your aluminum RV blinds:

  • Regular dusting and vacuuming
  • Cleaning with a sponge or dry fabric 
  • Spot cleaning with a microfiber cloth
  • Wash with warm water and a mild detergent in a large tub (if stains are hard to remove)