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Why Choose Vinyl for Your RV Blinds and Shades

Among synthetic fabrics, vinyl is a popular choice for RV blinds and shades. Also called synthetic leather or pleather, vinyl is a kind of an ultra-strong fabric. So, vinyl can add durability and strength to your RV window treatments.

Compared with natural fabrics, vinyl is an affordable and moisture-resistant choice for RV blinds and shades. Also, RV window treatments made from vinyl are lightweight and easy to handle, install, operate, clean, and maintain.

There are three grades of vinyl fabric to choose from, i.e., high performance, intermediate, and promotional.

Talking of the disadvantages of vinyl fabric, it lacks visual appeal and offers poor insulation.

Top Reasons to Choose Vinyl RV Blinds and Shades

An Affordable Material for RV Window Treatments

Affordability is the biggest factor in favor of vinyl fabric as material for your RV blinds and shades. So, you can buy high-quality window treatments for your recreational vehicle (RV) or travel trailer while remaining within your budget.

A Full Range of Custom Options

RV blinds and shades made from vinyl synthetic fiber can be fully customized for color, size, style, design, texture, and lift options. So, you can get a perfectly fitting window treatment for your recreational vehicle or travel trailer.

Diverse Functional Potentials

Vinyl fabric used in RV blinds and shades offers diverse functional potentials, like privacy, light control, light filtration, blackout, curb appeal, and more.

Vinyl vs Aluminum

While aluminum offers strength and durability, vinyl fabric is flexible, easy to clean, and convenient to maintain.

Types of RV Blinds and Shades Available in Vinyl Fabric

Vertical Vinyl Blinds for RV

As the very title suggests, vertical vinyl blinds for RV have vertical orientation of slats.

Horizontal Vinyl Blinds for RV

In RV blinds made from vinyl fabric are also available in horizontally oriented slats. So, you can choose a suitable style according to your taste and need of your RV’s interior décor.

Light Filtering Vinyl Roller Shades

Vinyl fabric also offers great light filtrating potential when used in RV window treatments.

Blackout Vinyl Shades

Blackout vinyl shades are a great choice for bedrooms for babies and day sleepers. They can create a night-like environment during the day.

Measuring for Vinyl Window Treatments for RVs

Measuring your RV’s window frames for vinyl fabric blinds and shades is a quick and easy process. And you can make your window size measurement more accurate and exact if you follow the DIY measurement tips. For example, you need to take measurements of window frame at three different points for each width and length. And follow the width x height (w x h) format to avoid mixing up or confusing values.

Installing Vinyl Blinds and Shades on RV Window Frames

You can easily fix your vinyl fabric blinds and shades to your RV’s window frame. Following some simple DIY installation tips for vinyl window treatments will make the things even easier. With a little care, you can give professional look to the installation of vinyl blinds and shades for RVs.

How to Clean Vinyl RV Blinds and Shades

There are several easy and quick means to clean and maintain your vinyl RV blinds and shades. Here are some quick methods:

  • Regular dusting and vacuuming
  • Cleaning with a sponge or dry fabric 
  • Spot cleaning with a microfiber cloth
  • Washing vinyl blinds with soapy water (if stains are hard to remove)

What is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a technically advanced and efficient method of cleaning the vinyl fabric material of your RV blinds and shades. In this method, you can remove dirt, dust, and grime by using cavitation bubbles. High-frequency sound waves can be used to produce cavitation bubbles.