RV Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are not new as much as people love using RV Blackout shades today.  History records that the German used them during World War 2 to hide them from enemies. That’s is not our concern anyway. If you are camper, Recreational Vehicle owner, or love motor homes, keep reading. If blackout shades were helpful before, then, why not now for RVing?


Easy To Install


Keep measuring tools away; you don’t need rods, screw, hooks and any other stubborn materials.  Blackout shade is unlike other curtains and blinds that require hours and experience to install. It fits into the window flame easily since it has a modern fastening system.

RV Blackout Shades
RV Blackout Shades

RV Blackout Shades Go Hand In Hand with Other Window Treatments 


Having achieved a dark room, you might still need the beauty of your favorite blinds. With blackout shades, it’s possible to add more spice, which gives it an even perfect look. Rv Black-out shades are made to fit into the window frame, the rest of the space is free for additional treatment.

If you don’t have other window treatment, but you are in a dilemma on whether you should remove your or to maintain the privacy, do it yourself! We accept black is not such a happy color for a van or a home. So here is how to cheer up your wheel home effortlessly.


  • Cut different shapes from velvet, paper or clothes of brighter color
  • Stick them on the inner side of your blackout shade with glue and exposed to the air to become to be firmly stacked
  • Once completely dry, reinstall back the shades to each window.
  • Enjoy a new look at their fantastic work.


It’s Not a Drug, But Doctors Prescribe It


Are you weak? Have lost appetite? Do you have unpredictable mood swings? Does everything seem to bore you? Is that you? If that’s you, then you are frustrated and depressed.

Visit a doctor, and the first question he asks is if you have a peaceful sleep. It’s true you never sleep at night because of the security light that penetrates right into your bed space, if you are on the road at night, the headlight of vehicles blind you but don’t send you to sleep. Once a doctor asked his patient to install RV blackout shades onto all the windows, and it worked since it completely darkens the room. Its noise filtering ability is a bonus in itself as the fabric used to make it is thicker.


Easy To Clean

Cleaning RV blackout shades are the easiest as it does not need any experience or special upholstery treatment. The fabric wipes out quickly with a damp piece of cloth. To ensure that the color, especially the white side doesn’t turn brown or grey with stains, add a mild detergent or bleaching agent to the water used to keep it bright.




Motorized blinds have a handful a couple a thousand and millions of advantages over manual blinds. Here are some of the reasons as to why you should always choose a motorized blackout shade.


  1. They Have A Clean Look

Expect no cords dangling here and there from a motorized blind. They are neat and modern looking in general. You also don’t have to move around to raise or lower them. Just a press on a button is enough.


  1. Are Available in all colors and textures

Any material can make a motorized shade not considering the opacity; color and texture do not matter. You, therefore, have all the rights to choose your taste without being limited to a kind of material.


  1. Keep burglars away

If you want to prevent frequent break-ins at home or while camping, motorized shades are the best to scare thieves away since they sway lively even if nobody is home, making thieves think that someone is actually at home. Blackout motorized shades are mostly preferred since you can’t see from them.


Blackout Shades Protect Other Furnishings Too


The white side of blackout shades reflects light away. It’s not just light. The dangerous UV lights that are a serious threat to you also damage other furnishings like carpets. It can Cause natural breaking of furniture or discoloring of plastic made furniture.


They Reduce Thermal Loss


Energy loss occurs mainly through windows and doors since they make almost a third of the house. The material and color made of blackout shades holds heat for more extended periods during summer and lose heat in the winter as it helps both in insulating the house and saving energy bills.


Final Thoughts


RVing is more adventures when the motto is cool and comfortable both in and out; you can even work late in your camper when you have blackout shades. No Fear of noise light or excess heat, but before you choose what kind of blackout shades to buy, keep in mind that if you buy cheap, you buy twice.  Buy versatile blackout shades you will never regret all your life.

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