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RV Blinds Safety for children and pets

RV Blinds Safety for children and pets

RV blinds can be a safety hazard for children and pets in your recreational vehicle. Cord lift mechanism, improper installation, and no or improper maintenance can pose a serious safety risk.

To ensure RV blinds safety, it is important to:

  • Keep lift cords and chains out of reach of children as they may cause choking.
  • Regularly check your RV window treatments for any damage or wear and replace any broken parts.
  • Keep the RV blinds clean and free of dust or dirt to prevent clogging of mechanisms.
  • Make sure to install the motorhome blinds properly and secure them to the wall or ceiling of the travel trailer to avoid them falling down.
  • Prefer using only those blinds that are especially designed for RVs and made of high-quality, durable materials to withstand the temperature fluctuations and other unfavorable conditions inside your RV.
  • Finally, make sure that the RV blinds are easy to operate so that you can quickly open them in the case of an emergency.

Additional RV Blinds Safety Measures


Childproofing RV blinds is the process of making the space near your RV window treatments safe for children by identifying and eliminating or reducing potential hazards.

There are several ways to childproof your RV blinds, including installing cord cleats, replacing cords with a wand or spring-loaded mechanism, using cordless or motorized lift mechanisms, and keeping the blinds closed when not in use.

Nevertheless, always remember that no childproofing method can ever be 100% effective. So, always supervise children while they are in the RV or travel trailer.

Cordless Operation

Using a cordless operation to raise, lower, or adjust blinds is a practically effective measure to make your RV’s environment safe and secure for children and pets. One cordless option is installing top down, bottom up blinds that can be opened or closed by pulling or pushing.

Avoiding Entanglement Hazards

The best way to avoid entanglement hazards is to replace cord lift with some other mechanism to raise, lower, or adjust the slats of blinds.

Proper Use and Maintenance to Avoid Malfunction

After installing the RV blinds to the interior of your motorhome, you need to ensure proper use and maintenance. It will not only avoid malfunction but also boost RV blinds safety.