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RV Day Night Shades

Also called vision RV shades or duo roller shades, Day and Night RV Shades are two shades in one. The sheer fabric day shade lets filtered light into the RV and still affords you some privacy. The blackout fabric night shade blocks out light allowing a peaceful sleep during the day and night. Both shades can also be lifted for a clear view of the outside through the windows.

Installing Day & Night RV Shades on your motorhome’s windows not only affords you some privacy, but they also protect the carpets and furniture from fading in the recreational vehicle. These RV Day and Night RV Shades also help control heat gain and heat loss inside the RV.

Day and Night Shades
Cobalt RV Day Night Shades
RV Day Night Blinds
RV Blackout Day and Night Shades

RV Day & Night Shades Checklist – Things to Consider Before You Buy

There are so many things to consider before you buy or install RV day and night shades:

1. Light Control

The key thing to be on the lookout for when you purchase new RV day and night window treatments is how much light you want to let in or block out.

2. Reducing Energy Costs

Go for RV day and night window shades that act as insulators so that you can save money on the energy bills.

3. Providing Privacy

Today an RV owner’s first requirement is privacy while buying new RV window treatments because no one wants to let outsiders see inside their recreational vehicle. That is the reason day and night shades are the best option when it comes to privacy.

The good thing about RV day and night shades is that you’re getting two shades in one. The day shades filter out some of the light but allow for a clear outside view. The night shade affords privacy and blocks out light same as blackout RV shades.

4. Durable and Easy to Use

While purchasing new RV day and night window coverings, we all choose toughness so that they last longer, and we can secure our investment as well. Well, day and night RV shades are durable, affordable, and relatively easy to use.

  1. Safe for Kids and Pets

If you’ve children and pets in your motorhome, it’s evident that you want to keep them safe from the strangulation of hanging cords. RV day and night window shades come with the cordless feature, which makes sure that they’re safe for your whole family.

6. Easy Cleaning Techniques

To keep your RV day and night shades good-looking and attention-grabbing, you should always keep them clean and dirt free. Go for RV windows shades that are easy to clean and care for.

7. Think About Price

If you’re on a budget but want the perfect RV day and night shades that will match your RV’s decor, you have come to the right place. At Rvblinds.com, you’ll get high-quality RV window shades with good discounts.

Caring for Your RV Day and Night Shades

Shades should always be kept in the up or closed position when not in use, to reduce soil and dirt build-up. Dusting or using a vacuum cleaner attachment is an easy way to care for RV day and night window shades. 

However, avoid using detergents, household cleaners, or spot removers to get rid of dirty spots, as these might cause damage or fading to fabric.

NOTE: If your RV must be stored for a prolonged period, always store your RV day and night shades in the up position.

How to Clean Day & Night RV Window Shades

Day and night RV shades provide a great feature to RVs by letting in bright light during the day while maintaining your privacy. On the flip side, cleaning these shades can be very tricky. The fabric cannot survive harsh chemicals or scrubbing and is easily stained. 

Here are some helpful steps to follow:

Stuff You’ll Need

  1. Spray Starch
  2. Bathtub
  3. Vacuum
  4. OxiClean
  5. Warm water

Steps to Clean RV Day & Night Shades

  1. Start off by using an attachment to vacuum the shades while they’re still suspended.
  2. When you’re done cleaning, carefully detach the shades and take them indoors.
  3. Fill your tub with warm water.
  4. Add a cup of OxiClean to the water.
  5. Stir to mix.
  6. Soak the shades in the water for about thirty minutes.
  7. Take out the shades and drain the water.
  8. Rinse the shades with clean water.
  9. Hang to dry.
  10. Spray the RV day and night shades or blinds with starch to restore the creases.
  11. Let them dry off folded up. This will keep the creases nice and crisp.

Additional Tips and Pieces of Advice

This cleaning technique is for fabric RV day and night shades only. AVOID washing paper shades. The paper will crumble in the water. Only vacuum and dust paper shades to maintain them.

Although the soft fabric cannot stand harsh scrubbing, it might be necessary to rub tough stains lightly to get rid of them. Brushing lightly with an old toothbrush is the best approach.

If you don’t have any OxiClean, use mild laundry detergent. If you’re steam cleaning RV day and night window shades, test a small area first to ensure there are no unfavorable effects to the texture or color.

Best Ways to Maintain Day and Night RV Window Shades

Keeping the RV day and night shades clean can save you from cleaning them frequently. All you need to keep the shades away from stains and dust is a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Also, keeping your RV windows closed in dusty areas and putting food away from the shades can help you keep the shades clean. If they get dusty or if you spill something on them anyway, use a microfiber cloth to clean up the mess immediately. This practice will help you keep the shades clean for long.

So, you see! It is relatively easy to keep your RV day and night shades clean. 

Bottom Line

With so many options and choices for RV day and night shades, life in RV is starting to look quite easy and exciting, right? These two-in-one window treatments can add to the comfort and luxury of your recreational trip in your motorhome.