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RV Mini Blinds and Shades

Anybody that owns a trailer truck knows how essential it is to keep it elegant and comfortable and away from the sun’s harsh rays. Luckily, RV motorhome mini blinds offer that and more. Our modernized RV motorhome mini blinds provide a very sleek look and work well in virtually any room including your RV.

One primary advantage of these coverings that outshines other shades is that they can stand alone or can be used with a combination of other window coverings. Our mini blinds for RV motorhome come in a wide range of hues, shapes, sizes, and finishes.

There are three types of mini blinds, which include vinyl, wood, and aluminum. These types vary in prices. It can be challenging to know which mini blind type is a good fit for your truck. This RV motorhome mini blinds buyer guide can help you make the best decision.

Options and Advantages of Mini Blinds

Aluminum Blinds

It is one of the most budget-friendly RV motorhome mini blinds in the market, but its advantages do not stop at that. Aluminum mini blinds have been around for years, and they are like old is gold.

Upgraded versions of these window treatments are also making their way into the market. These mini RV blinds come in different sizes to fit any size of your truck’s window.  Aluminum mini RV motorhome blinds have increased in demand because they help maximize the view and light control. You can easily tilt the vanes open, and by doing so, they nest together revealing a double-wide space between the lanes.

Other Advantages of Aluminum RV Motorhome Mini Blinds

Available in Different Colors

Apart from their affordability, the presence of different colors to choose from is one of their primary assets. These window treatments are available in many colors from metallic bronze to basic white. These allow you to select a unique theme for your camper truck. An upgrade version of the aluminum blind incorporates the addition of decorative tapes which is not only fashionable but affordable as well.

They are Durable

We offer good quality RV motorhome mini blinds that are very durable. These mini blinds are resistant to moisture making them a good fit for your house trailer.

Even though these mini RV blinds are cost-effective and durable, they do have their drawbacks. One is that they are noisy because they are made from metal. Another limitation of the aluminum RV mini blinds is they collect dust over time which is most noticeable on the darker colored vanes. It is a considerable limitation mainly because RV is most likely to collect a lot of dust because it is mostly on the move. 

However, the smaller the gauge of vanes, the less it will collect dust. When shopping for aluminum RV motorhome mini blinds, select the smaller gauge number which has thicker metal. The thicker metal resists bending and creasing more than the thinner one and can be the best fit for your RV.

Advantages of Using RV Motorhome Mini Wood Blinds

Pieces of wood are joined together by corded pulleys and can gather all the slats at the top of the window to reveal the view or you can adjust the slats at a certain angle to allow some light to pass via the blinds. These wood blinds come in various sizes and finishes.

Highly Durable

Wood is highly durable, so there is no need to worry about damage. Even though they are lightweight, these RV motorhome mini blinds are incredibly durable, and you can be sure they will outlast other window dressings.

Easy to Clean

RV motorhome wood mini blinds tend to be among the greatest collectors of dirt and dust. However, they are easier to clean than other window treatments. Light dusting once a week with just a feather will get the work done.

They Block Out the Light

These mini RV motorhome blinds tend to have better control of the light than other window coverings.

Wood RV mini blinds have many advantages, but one of their fundamental shortcomings is that they are more expensive than other types of RV motorhome mini blinds. However, installing our high-quality blinds in your mobile home will be an investment which will pay off.

We can guarantee you an elegant and comfortable look in your vehicle that will make you feel at home. All the wood used to make these RV motorhome mini blinds comes from sustainable forests. We also incorporate the wood blinds with UV blocking feature with the help of lacquer coating.

Advantages of Using Vinyl RV Motorhome Mini Blinds in your RV

Just like other types of RV mini blinds, vinyl blinds have their pros and cons, and therefore, it is up to you to weigh these things out and decide which is best for your RV.

Some of the advantages and factors to consider when choosing blinds for your RV are:


Just like the aluminum mini RV blinds, installing vinyl RV motorhome mini blinds in your truck will not strain your pocket. Your goals of beautifying your second home can be achieved even with a limited budget.

Easy to clean

When considering to install a specific mini blind, an easy-to-clean option is one of the primary things to consider, especially for an RV. Cleaning vinyl mini RV motorhome blind is very easy. You can quickly clean by just putting enough water and soap in a basin. A soft brush and cloth can also remove the dirt from your window treatment.

Easy to install

Just like aluminum mini RV motorhome blinds, vinyl RV blinds are also very easy to install. After all, plastic is very lightweight.

These vinyl blinds for RV motorhome can be very convenient to install and operate for your truck. They are also available in many colors. 

However, they are made of plastic and are, therefore, thin and light. One common disadvantage of this is that they can easily bend.

Bottom Line

When choosing a window treatment for your motorhome truck, consider installing the mini blinds. When deciding which type of mini binds to choose from, ensure you look at some of their strengths and limitations.

We hope this buyer guide has presented you with a better sense of what to look for when you are having difficulty in choosing your RV motorhome mini blinds. If this does not give you enough information, at Rvblinds.com, we also offer advice that can be very helpful to you.