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RV Solar Shades Benefits & Features

When it comes to selecting a window covering for your RV, the important thing to keep in mind is, it should not be installed for privacy only. Solar shades have proven to be the right fit due to their customizable options and style possibilities. The fact that sun rays are reflected instead of penetrating through the RVs window is just the icing on the cake.

Solar shades have special materials that block ultraviolet rays and sunlight. They have many advantages as compared to other window coverings. These window coverings are a popular choice because they offer many benefits that can save you money, time and energy.

Benefits of using Solar Shades in your RV

This article explains why you should go solar with RV blinds solar shades:

1.    Prevent too Much Heat During the Summer

Without the use of these window coverings, cooling your RV room can be a love-hate relationship. It feels good to have a comfortable sanctuary away from the blazing heat, but it comes with a huge price tag cost.

Fortunately, solar shades can help cut down on your utility bill especially for those whose who keep their air conditioners on during the day. The shades have a dark colored heat absorbing side and a light colored heat reflecting side. The main advantage of using solar blinds over other shades is because of their adjustability.

You can easily adjust the slats depending on the amount of ventilation and light you want to reach your room. Lowering the solar shades during the summer can cut down the heat gain by about 45%. Solar shades are the best option for your RV especially because locations keep changing. Unlike other options, the shades work equally well year-round.

2.    Available in Various Designs

We have beautiful patterns in our modern solar shades that can create an elegant look in your RV. There are only two things to consider when choosing the design of the window covering -The location, and openness factor.

For location, the sun is not as intense on the window facing south or north as it is on the window facing east early in the morning or west in the afternoon. The solar shade fabric that you choose for the east and west window should offer enough sun control that you are looking for together with an appealing style.

The openness factor can also help you decide which fabric to choose. It represents the amount of closed or opened space in the material. A material with low openness factor reflects more infrared heat while providing daytime privacy. Fabric with high openness factor gives a better view but does not reflect as much infrared heat as the latter. The openness factor is dependent on the fabric color. Ensure you choose the fabric color that is convenient for your RV window.

3.    It Protects the Furniture from Direct Glare

Constant sun exposure to furniture can cause fading and deteriorating of fabric over a prolonged period. Faded furniture can make a room look tired. Luckily there is a remedy to this problem; using the right window treatment like solar shades to block harmful effects of UV rays.

Solar shades are the best shades designed to prevent fading. They protect the harsh glare of the sun that can also be irritating to the eyes but at the same time providing the light you want in your room.

Arts, photographs, and floors are likely to suffer the same fate if not protected from the UV rays.


RV Solar Blinds with Light Blocking

4.    They Protect You from Harmful Effects of UV Rays

Ultraviolet radiation makes up a small portion of sun rays, but it is the primary cause of damaging sun effects on a human being’s health. They can cause premature wrinkles, sunburns and also skin cancer. However, this does not mean you should rely on artificial light during the day when you are in your RV.

Just as the name suggests, solar shades are available in light and elegant colors that can help shield your RV from these damaging rays all year long. These shades also enhance interior comfort, especially in the morning or evening when you are in your RV.

The direct light from the sun can hit surfaces and reflect causing irritation and harm to your eyes. In such circumstances, it can be tough to work or watch the television. With these shades, you can do anything you want without being interrupted.

5.    Conserve Energy

If you are trying to cut down your bill and provide insulation for your windows, then window coverings are the best way to make your RV more efficient. Solar shades are the most efficient window treatment you can install in your truck. They can quickly lower the air conditioning cost and heating cost.

These shades can also help you maintain a very comfy temperature in your truck irrespective of the weather; therefore, it will show a huge difference because you won\’t frequently need an air conditioner during the hot seasons or a heating system during the cold season.

6.    Gives a Clear View of the Outside

There are many justifiable reasons as to why solar shades are popular, but the main reason as to why they’re the best especially for trucks is because they provide beautiful and unobstructed views.

Solar shades also allow you to gaze and take in the beauty of the environment. The more open the window is, the more light they let in and the more you can see through. Even though they maintain an outward view, you can also enjoy some privacy because you get to control the amount of light you want to let in your RV.

7.    Have Flexible Control Options

Our modernized solar shades are available in remote motorized solar shades. These are convenient for people that do not want to operate the window coverings by hand. They can also work with the use of smartphone apps.

8.    Are durable

The solar shades have remained among the top choices of window covers due to their durability. You can get the shades at low cost, and they will still operate as new shades years after you install them.


It is undeniable that what your RV needs is a solar shade window cover. We sell high-quality products at a budget-friendly cost. We also give advice on the best fabrics to choose depending on the preferred theme.


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