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RV Solar Shades Benefits & Features

When it comes to selecting a window covering for your RV, trailer, or motorhome, an important thing to keep in mind is that it should not be installed for privacy only. With their lots of benefits and features, RV solar shades have proven to be the right fit. They offer a wide range of custom options and style possibilities. 

With RV solar shades installed on your RV window frame, the sun’s harsh UV rays are reflected instead of penetrating through the RV window.

RV solar shades have special materials that block out ultraviolet rays and sunlight. They have many advantages as compared to other window coverings. These window coverings are a popular choice because they offer many benefits that can save you money, time, and energy.

Benefits of using RV Solar Shades in Your Motorhome

This article explains why you should choose RV solar shades or blinds.

  1. Prevent too Much Heat During the Summer

Without the use of these RV window coverings, cooling your RV’s room can be a difficult task. It feels good to have a comfortable sanctuary away from the blazing heat, but it comes with a huge price tag.

Fortunately, RV solar shades can help cut down on your utility bill especially for those who keep their air conditioners on during the day. The shades have a dark-colored heat absorbing side and a light-colored heat reflecting side. The main advantage of using RV solar blinds over other shades is because of their adjustability.

These RV or travel trailer window treatments can be easily adjusted for the slats depending on the amount of ventilation and light you want to reach your room. Lowering the motorhome solar shades during the summer can cut down the heat gain by about 45%. Solar shades are the best option for your RV windows especially because locations keep changing. Unlike other RV window treatment options, the shades work equally well year-round.

  1. Available in Various Designs

We have beautiful patterns in our modern RV solar shades that can create an elegant look in your RV or trailer. There are only two things to consider when choosing the design of the window covering, i.e., the location and openness factor.

For location, the sun is not as intense on the RV window facing south or north as it is on the window facing east early in the morning or west in the afternoon. The solar shade fabric that you choose for the east and west windows should offer enough sun control that you are looking for together with an appealing style.

The openness factor of RV blinds and shades can also help you decide which fabric to choose. It represents the amount of closed or opened space in the material. A material with low openness factor reflects more infrared heat while providing daytime privacy. 

Fabric with high openness factor gives a better view but does not reflect as much infrared heat as the latter. The openness factor is dependent on the fabric color. Ensure you choose the fabric color for RV window treatments that is convenient for your RV window.

  1. It Protects the Furniture from Direct Glare

Constant sun exposure to furniture can cause fading and deterioration of fabric over a period. Faded furniture can make your RV cabin look tired. Luckily there is a remedy to this problem; use the right window treatment for RV like solar shades to block the harmful effects of UV rays.

RV solar shades are the best shades designed to prevent fading. They prevent the harsh glare of the sun that can also be irritating to the eyes but at the same time providing the light you want in your RV or travel trailer.

Arts, photographs, and floors are likely to suffer the same fate if not protected from the UV rays with RV solar shades.

Cordless Option for the Safety of Kids and Pets

If you have kids and pets in your recreational vehicle (RV), you would like to make the window treatments safe for them. Cordless solar shades come with an advanced safety feature for your children and pets. With the lift cord removed, there is no risk of entangling.

Measuring RV Solar Shades or Blinds

Measuring the window frames of your RV or motorhome for solar shades is a quick and easy DIY process. You only need a steel measuring tape, a pen, and a piece of paper. But you need to be a bit careful while taking measurements for the sake of precision and a perfect fit. For example, you need to take measurements for width and length (W x L) at three different places and use the highest values while ordering RV solar shades.

Installation of RV Solar Shades

Installing your RV solar shades could be as easy as a cup of tea if you follow the simple DIY installation procedure. For example, you only need to fix the mounting hardware (brackets) and hang your RV solar window treatments. Also, you need a few simple tools, like a drill and a screwdriver to fix your solar shades or blinds to the window frame. 

Where to Buy RV Solar Shades from

RV blinds is one of the best online shops for RV solar window treatments (blinds or shades). Here you not only get huge discounts on price but also some free offers like free samples, free shipping, a worry-free fit guarantees. Also, there are lots of custom options for your high-quality RV solar shades.