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When you\’re searching for a way to upgrade your RV Window Treatments, you\’ll find there are many different opinions on what is the best route. Ultimately it comes down to what you personally want as far as looks and functionality. Other factors include safety and obviously cost. That last part is the kicker for a lot of people, but stay with me and I\’ve got the perfect solution.

Anyone I know in the RV community that\’s bought an older model seems to come to the same crossroad when it comes to the window treatments—eventually we all come to a point where ditching the windshield covers and those heavy day and night original shades is something they REALLY want to do, but struggle with because, honestly, it\’s costly. Now you\’re at that crossroad I mentioned. Do you keep the old functioning shades although they\’re ugly and outdated or do you bite the bullet and make the buy.


At this point, it all comes down to what you and your family needs and wants. In this community you likely already know that safety is tops. You can\’t risk a design that gets wiggly on a right turn. You\’ve got to make sure that whatever you hang up there stays regardless of what you choose. It\’s easy to get overwhelmed with the options if you get click happy on craft sites, although you can find some crazy cute curtain ideas for sure! What you really want to do first is decide how heavy you want your coverage to be. Do you want black out full coverage, or maybe just a light airy curtain that offers privacy but natural light. We went with a mix, because for example the sleeping areas need full coverage but the window above my sink was a candidate for sheer curtains. No matter what you settle on the next step will be to measure your windows. The best bet here is to measure two inches above the top of your window to two inches below, and as wide as you want on either side to guarantee the coverage you need. It won\’t take any time at all, and no matter what style of RV window treatment you go with, you\’ll need the measurements.

Now to the good stuff. That last part I talked about at the beginning—where safety and looks meet cost you can afford. I found this GREAT site called RVBlinds.com. They seriously have every type of safe RV window treatment you could want. You can get one type or several types. They make custom cut options so you can get all of the treatments from one source, even on custom or hard to fit windows. We, myself and everyone else that\’s bothered to listen to me, have all been more than satisfied with the purchases we\’ve made from RVBlinds.com!


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