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What are the best blackout shades?

There are several types of blackout shades for RVs on the online market that are highly effective at blocking out light, including:

Roller shades: These shades are made of a thick, opaque fabric that can block out almost all light. They can be operated manually or with a motorized lift.

Cellular shades: Also known as honeycomb shades, these window treatments have a unique cell design that traps air and blocks light (and heat) from entering the room. They are available in a variety of colors, lift options, and styles.

Roman shades: These shades with a historic link to the Roman Empire have a classic look and they are available in a variety of textiles or fabrics, including those with light-blocking options. They can be raised, lowered, or adjusted to control the amount of light entering your RV’s interior.

Blackout curtains: These curtains are made of heavy, opaque fabrics that can block out almost all light. Also, they can be hung on a rod or mounted to a wall.

To sum up, the best blackout shades for you will depend on your personal taste and the specific needs of your RV’s space.