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How to Measure Top Down Bottom Up RV Shades

Measuring your RV’s (recreational vehicle) windows for top down bottom up RV shades is as easy as pie. And by following a step-by-step measurement procedure, you can ensure a perfect fit and get maximized functionality.

Here’re some quick and convenient DIY tips about how to measure top down bottom up RV shades.

Pre-Measurement Do’s

  • Use a steel measuring tape for ease of handling and accuracy.
  • Take measurements of RV windows for top down bottom up RV shades at 3 different places for the width and height (w x h).
  • Use the width by height (w x h) format to avoid mixing up recorded or measured values.
  • For a seamless fit, measure the RV window frame itself – and not the existing top down bottom up RV shadess or shades.
  • Check minimum depth requirements for an inside mount top bottom RV window covering.

Required Tools:

  • A steel measuring tape
  • Pen/pencil
  • A piece of paper

Measuring RV Windows for Inside Mount Top-down Bottom-up RV Shades


  • Measure width at three points (top, middle, and bottom) of the RV window frame.
  • Use the smallest value as the actual width of your travel trailer’s window.
  • For example, if the width measures 24 inches at the top, 24 inches in the middle, and 23 ¾ inches at the bottom, use 23 ¾ inches value to order top and bottom RV shades for your house trailer.


  • Measure the window height top down on the right, middle, and left.
  • Use the largest value as the actual height of your RV’s window frame or casing.
  • For example, if the height measures 37 inches on left, 37 inches in the middle, and 37 ¾ inches on the right, use 37 ¾ value for ordering top-down bottom-up RV blinds.


  • Measure the depth of the travel trailer’s window frame from the glass to the front of the opening.
  • Check product specifications for minimum depth or mounting surface requirements for an inside mount top down bottom up RV shades.


  • We’ll make inside mount deductions for you to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Don’t go for an inside mount if your RV window’s recess does not meet the minimum depth or mounting surface requirements.

Measuring RV Windows for an Outside Mount Top Bottom RV Shades

Measurement procedure for an outside mount top down bottom up RV shades and blinds is almost the same as for an inside mount. However, following are some important points to be noted.

  • Use the largest measurement values for both width and height of your RV’s window frame.
  • Add 3 to 4” to both width and height for maximum light coverage, light control, insulation, and curb appeal.
  • You don’t need to measure RV window’s depth or recess for an outside mount top down bottom up RV shades.
  • No deductions/additions will be made for outside mount top down bottom up RV shades.
  • Make sure you have enough flat surface on the window molding or wall above your window for the mounting hardware of the product.
  • If you have a protruding window sill in your recreational vehicle, do not add to length to the bottom. 

For Further Assistance

  • Use 24/7 Live Chat option, available at Rvblinds.com, to seek free guidance from professional regarding the measurement of your mobile home’s windows.
  • You can also email us at support@rvblinds.com.

What are top down bottom up shades?

Top-down bottom-up shades are a type of window treatment that can be raised, lowered, or adjusted from both the top and bottom. The top-down feature of these RV window coverings allows them to be lowered from the top, while the bottom-up feature can be used to raise the shade from the bottom. This design allows for greater control over the amount of privacy, light, and heat entering a room. They are often used in bedrooms or bathrooms of an RV where privacy is important.