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RV Cellular Shades and the Different Levels of Opacity

When buying a set of cellular shades, or another type of light-controlling window treatment for your RV, it is important to understand the opacity level of the product that you are buying. In this way, you can get the desired amount of light or privacy in your recreational vehicle.

The quality of opacity can run from light filtering sheer shades all the way to room-blackening blackout shades. Here is a little rundown of the levels of opacity you should look for when purchasing a set of cellular shades for your travel trailer.

RV Cellular Shades and the Different Levels of Opacity 


Sheer cellular shades allow most of the sunlight from outside to sail into the interior of your recreational vehicle. However, they do give you some privacy and help to reduce some sun glare. The cool thing is, if you have beautiful scenery on the outside on the path of your travel trailer, zebra sheer shades will allow you to see the outside.

Many people love sheer cellular shades for their RV for their soft quality and curb appeal. A good set of sheer cellular shades will make the interior of your RV much lighter and more open. These RV window treatments are typically very thin and are constructed with a few light filtering options depending on how much privacy you need.


Semi-sheer shades for RVs are just a step above sheer and allow for a little bit of added privacy and better light control. If you want to maintain the natural light from outside without sacrificing privacy, we highly recommend that you get a pair of semi-sheer shades for your house trailer.


If you want privacy along with some light filtration, you should buy semi-opaque cellular shades. Your outside view would get a bit restricted. However, your RV’s interior won’t be completely blacked out.

Choosing a pair of top down bottom up cellular shades for your RV can come in handy. These are some of the most popular types of cellular shades due to their ease of operation and lots of light filtering choices.


Blackout cellular shades for your travel trailer are best for those who need to completely darken their RV’s interior to sleep during the day. When you have a bedroom in your RV that you want to sleep better in, you need a glare-free environment. Blackout shades are the best choice to create a night-like environment. These RV window treatments typically have an additional layer of mylar or acrylic backing that can keep things completely dark.

Getting the Right Opacity Level for Your Cellular Shades

From the sunlight to heat and darkness, you need to pick which ones are your friends or foes when it comes to buying the type of cellular shades for your mobile home’s windows. We hope that our cellular shades opacity guide has helped you to narrow down some choices to make the best buying decision for your RV’s windows. 

Just get in contact with our Custom Support team at RV Blinds if you need any further assistance with cellular shades’ opacity level, measurement, and installation on the windows of your recreational vehicle (RV)!