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Honeycomb blinds and pleated shades are popular types of window treatments for your RV (recreational vehicle). Each type has its own pros and cons. So, you need to learn different between the features and functionalities of each to make a suitable choice according to your need and taste. Here’s a comparison of honeycomb blinds vs. pleated shades for travel trailer.

What Are Honeycomb Blinds for RV?

Honeycomb blinds for RV get their name due to the hexagonal, honeycomb-like cells that they are made up of. These RV window treatments come in single-cell, double-cell, or triple-cell styles with the popular top down bottom up cell shade option. They are made of one continuous piece of fabric for ease of operation (raising, lowering, and adjusting slats or fabric vanes).

In terms of overall style, honeycomb RV blinds are sleek and modern. With that said, they can fit well with the interior décor of your house trailer. Also, they are fully customizable for size (width and depth), color, material (polyester or cotton), and pattern.

Pros of Honeycomb RV Blinds

  • Insulation: Thanks to their insulation properties, cellular or honeycomb RV shades can help RV owners to cut down on cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter.
  • Privacy: Honeycomb RV blinds are a good choice for privacy. Also, you can get honeycomb RV blinds in blackout styles if you are looking for a bit more privacy. Blackout cellular blinds for RV block about 99% of natural light when they are lowered.
  • Complete Outside View when Raised: They almost completely disappear when they are fully raised. So, you can always be sure to enjoy a full view of the outside from your window.
  • Child and Pet Safety: Honeycomb blinds come with a cordless lift option, making them great for households with kids or pets.

Cons of Honeycomb RV Blinds

  • Expensive compared to other window treatments.
  • May be difficult to clean.

What Are Pleated RV Shades?

Pleated RV shades are very similar to honeycomb RV blinds in many ways. The main difference is that pleated shades for travel trailers are just one large layer of material, rather than two or more layers as found in cellular RV blinds. Also, pleated shades do not come with slats either.

Like honeycomb RV blinds, the RV pleated shades can be completely personalized for color, size, material choice (cotton or polyester), pattern, and design.

Pros of Pleated RV Shades

There are many benefits of pleated shades that you should know while choosing between honeycomb blinds and pleated shades.

Aesthetically Pleasing: They have a sleek and modern look much like honeycomb blinds for campers, which makes them visually appealing.

Cost-Effective: Pleated RV shades are a bit less expensive when compared to the average price of honeycomb RV blinds. So, they are a better choice for those on a budget.

Letting in More Natural Light: Pleated shades for RVs let in more light than honeycomb blinds. Also, just like honeycomb blinds, they almost completely disappear when you fully raise them up.

Safe for Kids and Pets: Just like honeycomb blinds for RVs, pleated RV shades come with cordless options for added safety.

Cons of Pleated RV Shades

  • May not provide good insulation.
  • Can be prone to warping and sagging over time.

Make sure to check out our huge collection of honeycomb blinds for your RV and feel free to get in touch with us if you need further assistance regarding comparison, customization options, measurement, and installation of honeycomb blinds and pleated shades for RVs. We look forward to helping you in improving the interior décor of your mobile home.