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How to Hang Blinds in a Mobile Home

Your mobile home is a special recreational spot for yourself and your family. Giving special treatment to your RV’s windows will add to your joy in your travel trailer. Here is an easy DIY guide about how to hang blinds in a mobile home to add to the curb appeal and increase the functional potential of windows. Different types of blinds you can use in your mobile home include mini blinds, faux wood blinds, roller blinds, solar blinds, and cellular blinds.

Things to Consider Before Hanging Blinds in a Mobile Home

Before hanging blinds in your RV (recreational vehicle), there are some important things to consider for a seamless and safe installation:

Measurements of Window Size: Accurately measure the width and height (w x h) of your RV’s windows to ensure you purchase the correct size blinds. For an inside mount, you may also need to consider the depth of your window.

Material: Consider the material of your travel trailer’s walls and window frames. Some RVs have walls and windows made of vinyl, plastic, or metal, which may require special anchors or hardware components to securely hang the RV blinds.

Ventilation Requirements: Make sure the RV blinds you choose to allow for proper ventilation in your mobile home. This is especially important if you going to install blinds in an RV with limited ventilation, like a pop-up camper.

Style and Interior Decor: Consider the style of your RV and choose blinds or shades that complement the interior decor and design.

Mobility: Keep in mind that RVs or travel trailers are designed for mobility and are often driven on rough roads. Choose blinds or other window treatments that are durable and can withstand the rigors of travel.

Privacy: Make sure the blinds you choose for hanging in your RV provide adequate and adjustable privacy for your needs. Some RV blinds offer more privacy than others, so consider this when making your choice.

Weight: Consider the weight of the RV blinds before hanging and make sure they are not too heavy for your RV walls and window frames to support.

Cost: Determine your budget and choose window coverings for your RV that fit within your budget and meet your needs.

How to Hang Blinds in a Mobile Home – A Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a DIY step-by-step guide to hang blinds in your mobile home (house trailer).

  • Collect Essential Materials and Equipment

To hang RV blinds in a mobile home, you will need the following materials and equipment:

  • Blinds
  • Drill or screwdriver 
  • Anchors or screws
  • A steel measuring tape or ruler
  • A pencil and a piece of paper
  • Level
  • Measure Width, Height, and Depth

Measure the width, height, and depth of the window with a steel measuring tape to ensure the RV blinds fit properly for better curb appeal and functionality.

  • Mark the Placement of Brackets

Use a ruler to mark the placement of the mounting brackets on the window frame or wall.

  • Check Alignment

Hold a level against the marks (placement points) to ensure they are even.

  • Fix Plastic Anchors

If the wall of your mobile home is made of metal or vinyl, use plastic anchors to secure the screws in the wall.

  • Drive Screws into Anchors

Use a screwdriver to drive screws into the anchors.

  • Hand the RV Blinds in Your Mobile Home

Hang the RV blinds into the mounting brackets and adjust their slats as needed.

  • Check Operation

Check the operation of your RV blinds by raising, lowering, or adjusting the slats.

Meanwhile, you need to make sure to follow the installation instructions included with your specific RV blind products for proper hanging.

Further Assistance

For further assistance regarding the installation of blinds in your mobile home, you can contact our Customer Care department using the 24/7 live chat option provided on each page of Rvblinds.com.