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Types of Materials for RV Blinds and Shades 

There are different types of materials for RV blinds and shades, like fabric, aluminum, vinyl, wood, faux wood, PVC, and polyester. Your choice of suitable stuff for RV blinds and shades will depend on your requirements for functionality, interior décor of your trailer or motorhome, curb appeal, and, of course, affordability.

Different materials for RV window treatments are available in lots of colors, styles, textures, and designs. Also, you can choose your custom RV window treatments in any size according to the measurement of your window frame.

Fabric RV Blinds and Shades

Fabric RV window treatments are a popular choice for recreational vehicles. And you have lots of natural and artificial or synthetic fabrics to choose from for your RV blinds and shades, including cotton, chiffon, silk, wool, polyester, satin, and so on. Different fabrics come with their own pros and cons.

Fabric RV blinds and shades are fully customizable for color, size, style, texture, design, and lift options.

Aluminum RV Blinds and Shades

RV blinds and shades made from aluminum are hailed for their durability, hard-wearing, resistance to moisture, and long life. Also, they don’t rust, lose color, or deform. Moisture resistance makes them an ideal window treatment for the bathroom and kitchen of your RV or trailer.

Aluminum RV blinds and shades are available in both horizontal and vertical slats. Also, they are fully customizable to suit your taste for the interior décor of your recreational vehicle or camper.

Vinyl RV Window Treatments

Lightweight, heat absorption, low maintenance costs, easy installation, moisture resistance, and affordability are the key advantages of choosing vinyl material for your RV window blinds and shades. However, vinyl RV blinds and shades have some disadvantages, like poor insulation and low visual appeal.

Wooden RV Blinds & Shades

Wooden RV blinds and shades give a touch of nature and purity to window treatments of your recreational vehicle (RV) or trailer. Travel trailer owners choose natural wood for blinds and shades for the sake of strength, durability, diverse functionality, and a luxurious look.

Faux Wood RV Blinds and Shades

RV blinds and shades made from faux or artificial wood offer you the look and feel of real wood at an affordable price package. Other advantages of faux wood RV window treatments include resistance to temperature changes, easy cleaning, and low-cost maintenance. However, they may not be as long-lasting and durable as the real wood RV blinds and shades.

PVC Material for RV Window Treatments

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a synthetic fabric that is chosen for RV window treatment for its strength, flexibility, water-resistance, heat and fire resistance, and high durability. Meanwhile, one disadvantage of PVC material is that it degrades under excessive exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays. 

Polyester RV Window Coverings

RV window coverings made from Polyester fabric are a popular choice as they offer durability, affordability, and resistance to dirt, shrinkage, and wreckage. And one of the disadvantages of polyester fabric is that it is less breathable than natural fiber, like cotton.