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Flat Fold Roman Shades

How to choose the right style and color for your RV Roman Shades

Roman shades are one of the most versatile types of window treatments for your RV (recreational vehicle), both in terms of design and functionality. However, the choice of the right Roman shades will depend on the size of the window, interior décor of your RV, functional potential, and affordability. Here’s a comprehensive guide on choosing the right style and color for your RV Roman shades.

Choosing the Right Style of Roman Shades for Your RV

There is a wide variety of styles when it comes to custom roman shades, giving you the ability to find a style that looks fresh and unique. When we say style, we’re talking about the types of folds that you see on the Roman shades, as well as the draping patterns. Here are some of the common styles of Roman shades for a travel trailer to look out for:

  • Flat
  • Classic
  • Relaxed
  • Hobbled

Different styles affect the overall feel, functionality, and appeal of your RV’s interior.

Flat Roman Shades for RVs: Flat Roman RV shades use a single piece of fabric that is continuous. These RV window treatments also do not use any dowels. You can choose this style for a simple and clean look. 

Classic and Hobbled Roman Shades: Classic and hobbled Roman shades for travel trailers use dowels to provide you with a pleated look that is neatly folded. For those RV owners who are looking for a more professional finish, we highly recommend classic or hobbled Roman shades.

Relaxed Roman Shades: For those who want a more natural look and feel for their RV, we recommend going with relaxed Roman shades. Relaxed Roman shades are also known as European Roman shades. These RV window treatments have more of a natural flow and softness to them. So, they are perfect for creating a cool and naturalistic look.

Choosing the Right Color for Roman Shades for Your RV 

When it comes to interior design of your travel trailer, the color option for your RV’s window treatments becomes very significant. In other words, you need to pick a color tone that creates a beautiful contrast with your mobile home’s interior decor.

Instead of choosing a single color or fabric for Roman blinds, you can choose a medley of color and fabric to fit your RV’s cabin. We recommend choosing lighter or medium-weight fabric materials for the dominant shade color. You can then outline that Roman shade with ribbons that are darker and contrasting.

For example, most bathrooms in RVs have a single color all around. Most of them are monotonous, which isn’t the most inviting style. Having a splash of color through your RV’s Roman shades can help to give you and your guests’ eyes a rest from that boring monotonous feel.

Choosing the Best Roman Shades for Your RV

When choosing the best Roman shades for your RV or travel trailer, you need to consider the following factors:

Size and Fit: Make sure to measure your RV’s window frame accurately and choose a Roman shade that fits properly.

Material Choice: Look for the window treatments made from durable and lightweight materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

Style: Choose a shade style that complements the decor of your RV and allows for privacy.

Light Control: Look for Roman shades with options for light filtration and privacy, like cordless lift systems or light-filtering fabrics.

Energy Efficiency: Through Roman shades are not as good as cellular shades, they can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your RV. For example, through light filtration, they can reduce your dependence on artificial light and decrease energy costs.

Privacy: With Roman shades, you can customize the privacy level of your RV’s interior as per your requirements.

Kid and Pet Safety: Consider RV Roman shades with cordless lift options or ones that have been certified by a third-party safety organization.

Price: Set a budget and look for Roman RV shades that offer good value for the price.

Ease of Installation and Operation: Look for shades in Roman style that are easy to install and operation (raise, lower, or adjust the fabric vanes or slats).

Further Assistance 

If you have any questions about choosing high quality Roman shades for your RV’s windows at affordable prices with huge discounts and a free shipping option, use 24/7 chat option at Rvblinds.com to contact us. Our customer care department can help you to find the best Roman shades for your RV.